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I, too, have been subject of a biased assessment of my medical records by MES Solutioons, hired by my LTD insurer, Hartford-(the ones that are subject of ABC's Reporter Chris Cuomo's scathing report on the fraudulent practices by Hartford of surveillance of claimants to drop those who are legitimately disabled from recieving benefits) to assess my functionality. Let me start by saying that both the reviewers contracted through MES blatantly ignored any and all credible evidence from all my multiple treating physicians' assessments of disability, and distorted any smattering of weak facts they could to support the insurance companys' request for denial of claim. In fact, they never interviewed any of the doctors who supported my condition, nor commented on the numerous reports indicating a disabling condition. They used selected and biased commentaries from the insurance companys case manager, but never question the validity of the summary nor acknowledged that the medical evidence did not support the insurance companys obvious desire to terminate my benefits. Shame on them! Goes to show that the almighty buck does indeed illicit conformatory bias. This is bad faith practice.

PS. Mr Orr. Don't bother threatening me, because this is a public forum, and I have every right to state my opinion. You are wasting your time and you only make your company look more guilty.

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      30th of Jan, 2011

    i had a ime exam last week.. what a joke first i recorded the whole exam 5 min it took this rude dr to evel. me.. ive been hurt on the job 3 yrs ago and have bad nearve pain.. i would be asked a queation by him then never able to ans, when aske why i couldnt finish he said, it would screw up my comp case and we wouldnt want that.. i found it as a threat to my case.. i saw 3ime o
    the first a ortho surgen who agreed with my ortho i also had a second oponion they all agreed with my ortho doc guess what i was never to see the insurance ortho again because they didnt like thier oan ime report. be cause he agreed with my dr i feel my human rifhts were vialated...thie not bias at all...

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