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MES SolutionsPays IME's to lie

MES Solutions sent me to an IME (Independant medical Examiner) an orthopedic Dr. He lied to me about the medical records he allegedly had. He stated that we were going to say things off the record because he could get into trouble with MES Solutions. That MES Solutions is the one that pays him and he gets most of his buisness through MES Solutions. The Dr. saw me for 20 mins and told me the issue was not with the one part of my body that 4 other Drs said it was but it was just my shoulder. The Dr said my case worker is not going to like to see that on the report. My question is I never released MES Solutions which were hired by Cigna Long Term Disability (yet another company that is a fraud) Is there not a medical record disclosure act? So now since this IME Dr and MES Solution deemed my not disabled in a 20 minute evauation I am lossing my disability benefits. Cigna can't just use my 4 Drs recommendations, the procedures I have underwent to get possibly fixed and my own account of my limitations. Cigna used 1 company MES Solutions and a Dr that lied to me and was told to lie. Cigna, MES Solutions, and the Dr are frauds!!! I wish I could name the Dr because my Drs. have heard things about him doing the same stuff to others.


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    orrsjames Feb 19, 2010

    Please note that your accusations in this posting concerning MES Solutions are false and defamatory.

    Although we certainly welcome free speech and the exchange of ideas in the open marketplace, we will not tolerate false and defamatory comments regarding the business of MES, and your conduct in this regard is actionable. The statements above constitute what is known as "libel per se, " meaning that they are false and, by their very nature and without the need for any further explanation, they injure and damage MES and its affiliated medical professionals. Because such statements are so obviously harmful, general damages are presumed with libel per se and malice need not be established.

    MES has worked diligently over the past 32 years to establish an excellent reputation in the industry for unquestioned honesty and integrity. These statement undoubtedly damage this reputation, and we cannot and will not allow that to happen.

    Accordingly, demand is made that you immediately cease and desist in any such further false and defamatory statements concerning MES, and that you issue a retraction of such statements, in a form and manner acceptable to MES, and in a letter to MES.

    Unless you confirm your agreement to the foregoing no later than February 26, 2010, MES will have no choice but to undertake unilateral action to preserve and protect its good name in the marketplace, up to and including the filing of litigation to compel you to cease and desist in any further false and defamatory statements concerning MES and to recover general and specific damages caused by your wrongful conduct.

    I will look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Your immediate cooperation is expected.


    MES Solutions

    By: Scott J. Orr
    Sr. VP & General Counsel

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    Gordon Gekko Feb 22, 2010

    I think you should consider the Dept. of HHS. They might help you go after MES. The above threat, seems like they are trying to hide the truth about how they are actually treating people. Also, how about a blog group, twitter, and Facebook page about how you and other people where poorly treated by MES. THe above statement by the VP of MES, shows that this must not be an uncommon thing for them. The Doctor's you were seen by all have to be licensed by the state in which they practice, so you can file a complaint with the Dept. of Health in your state. There are also business law in each state, where business can't perform there business in bad faith. Often have treble damages if found liable. I suggest you look into some those ideas, Sickofcignaandmes! When companies are allowed to get away with acting badly, then no one will ever treat people well. If you know anyone else who was treated similarly, have them do the same, and consider a potiental class action.

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  • Si
    Sickofgames Feb 24, 2010

    I will retract my insult, critique, and/or opinion and that MES solutions and Cigna being a fraud and lie.
    In my opinoin I feel my case was not treated unfairly. I did have an indivual in the examination room as the IME stated that him/her HAD to say what him/her were told to by the company using his services. The IME also stated that they get paid by the above stated company and not myself. In my opinion instead of going after myself for Libel per si you should be looking into the IME in which was employed by this company. The IME put this emotion into myself with his/her comments during the exam. I also did research on Libel per si via legal advice.

    Are Insults, Critiques And Opinions Considered Defamatory?
    Insults and epithets are not normally considered defamatory because they are generally seen as outbursts of emotion.

    This insult towards the above stated company/companies was an outburst of emotion due to the IME's statements during the exam. This can be proven by my witness in the examination room at the time these statements were made to myself by the IME.

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  • Br
    brother728 Feb 24, 2010

    It's not defamatory if it is TRUE, Scott. If you're so hopping mad.. Sue this person. You won't because you know that you would LOSE.

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  • Fu
    F.U. Mar 01, 2010

    Hey Scott -

    What's up with the bulldogging, huh? Obviously, the guy feels like he's being screwed over and, I must say, I've done some research on Cigna and - yikes - it's a scary scene (and I don't just mean the "libel per se" complaints, haha!). But even Cigna hasn't gone online and threatened the people that were fed up with their morally-questionable policies and practices with lawsuit just to shut them up.
    Your very action here has given me all the impression I need about your company's policies and practices. Thanks, SickOfGames (whoever you are), for helping to show MES's true colors. Good luck being treated as a patient and not as a bullseye to be bullied.


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  • Mi
    Miabear1 Sep 24, 2010

    I too had an "IME" from MES SOLUTIONS hired by my employor AT&T. The "doctor" did LIE numerous times on his report. I deliberately had him feel the spasms in my back and he claimed there were no signs of spasm even though the SAME day I physical therapy and it was noted(I actually have had back spasms since my back was fractured 2 years ago). I am considering a lawsuit against them and my employor. The doctor claims I show no signs of loss of muscle tone even though I have lost 45 pounds. I have been approved for social security benefits. The government considers me disabled but my company still does not so they won't pay for my medical benefits after 21 years.
    I have sent this information to my local union (CWA) and to ABC news in New York. I have medical evidence the "Independent Medical Doctor" provided by MES SOLUTIONS lied on his report. This company needs to be investigated. Don't bother reponding to my added complaint MES, everything I have stated is absolutely true. We need to file a class action suit against this company. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that are fraudulent themselves about their medical condition, but for those of use who are really injured and are being discredited by a company hired to reject your medical evidence, they should be exposed for the disgrace that they are. They are forcing peolple into bankruptcy allowing their "clients" to get away with disapproving pay and medical benefits based on fraudulent reports. Mark

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  • Me
    MES Fraud Feb 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have been victimized by MES SOULTIONS and their partner in crime - Cigna Disability. CIGNA required me to attend an IME with an MES doctor. The IME doctor was ANYTHING but independent. Cigna asked the IME doc to answer some leading questions, which were biased to support Cigna's denial of benefits. Get this unethical practice, in appealing my termination of benefits with Cigna, the MES IME doc has refused to provide me, my attorney, or my doctors with a copy of the testing raw data. Obviously, the MES doc is hiding his fabricated findings. I am now suing Cigna in federal court. The judge has ordered MES to disclosure just how much Cigna has paid them for IME's over the last five years, and what exactly the MES doctors were paid. We are still waiting for MES/CIGNA to respond to the judge’s questions. My bet is they won't want to let this dirty laundry see the light of day, and will try to get me to settle instead. I've never seen such a conspiracy of bad faith and unethical behavior, just to make a buck of those of us suffering from a legitimate illness/disease and unable to work.

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  • Me
    MES Fraud Mar 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I disagree about naming names. If you are currently involved in litigation against the insurance company and their IME vendor, these parties will often make a settlement offer to keep their mischieveious ways hinden from public view. In my lawsuit, should Cigna/MES not pay my claim, plus attorney fees, and not offer me a decent payday to keep my mouth shut; I will be happy to shout from the highest mountain top all the fraud/bad faith they comitted in handling my claim. But, I would be a fool to do it before hand, and lose this leverage in the midst of litigation. These companies pay to keep their dirty laundry secret and that's why in 9 out of 10 cases, they settle out of court. But, if they don't settle, win or lose, all the dirty dealing are public infomation and you could pull up thousands of such cases on the Internet. They don't want that to happen, so this is why they settle. Just go to for Erisa governed cases. For Non-Erisa cases, go to the local state courts websites.

    But, if you have no intention of fighting your case in litigation, and plan on letting them get away with it this crap, then go ahead and publish all the names you want.

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  • Ti
    Timmy L. Jun 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a up coming appointment with a IME, I went to the web to see who I was being sent to, to evaluate and close my claim. Wow, I am now seriously scared that I will not get a fair and independent review.
    I am not sure what to do at this point. I have nothing to hide, I have had two surgeries on each knee and know they are not, and never will be the same, I was just hoping for fair and reasonable compensation. After reading these post I must admit I am not sure I would receive that.
    I am not sure at this point, with a appointment this month on the 18th what to do? I was shocked to receive a letter that would schdule a IME on a Saturaday anyways. Help????? What to do now? Tim L.

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  • Tb
    T.Brown Jul 14, 2011

    Hello out there I am another person that has been is about to be screwed by this same insurance company MES. If there are any people out there that are willing to email me there stories I would greatly appreciate it. It is far time that we put these fraud companys and their doctors whom dont care about our health or anybody else out of business. Lets get to the heart of the problem. Please email your stories to [protected] Thx

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  • Cw
    CWJAR Jul 26, 2011

    Try dealing with liberty mutual, MES doctors def lie and they get paid to do so, I lost my house because of them and two of their doctors, and I
    am suing they actually told liberty to disregard my doctors restrictions and they did so with never seeing me in person, and the best part one of these doctors is a pediatric surgeon, and the other a spine specialist, I have two blown out knees but can't get an operation until a skin condition clears...


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  • Sc
    ScottfromNY Nov 17, 2011

    Funny, because my MES Solutions "Independent Medical Examiner" would not allow my wife to witness the exam. She would not let me video tape the exam. She would not let me audio tape the exam. ALL of which are in violation of New York State disability law. When I informed MES about the recording, oh my God, you would have thought I caught the guy in the grassy knoll they were so upset. They knew the "doctor" was going to write a report favorable to Lincoln National Life and I even said, why am I hear? I know what the report is going to say and you don't even need to talk with me. Guess what? The report was bad for me, but great for Lincoln who I now have to sue. I plan on going after MES Solutions and "Dr" Polly A. Cator out of Cortland New York for falsifying records and committing perjury which is what they did, period. How do I know? I have fing evidence. So, Scott from MES Solutions, bite me scumbucket. You know who I am, my appointment was on 10/27/2011 in Liverpool, call em would love to talk.

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