Merry Maids / customer service

I have never been handled so impersonally by an office staff. We set up cleaning for my 83 yr old mother who has memory issues.
They got our info and card number and from then on it went downhill. Neither time did they let us know IN TIME when they were coming to clean. Before we signed up we had specific instructions to talk to us and tell us the cleaning schedule so we could remove my mom from house while it was cleaned. It upsets her about not being clean. Her memory is terrible and it's hard for her to host strangers without one of us present.
The first clean they just showed up at 8am and not one advanced call. I had out of town guests so I ran down there to moms apt while cleaners waited.
The second time I get a frantic text from mom, while I'm coming home from Seattle to Portland "Come get me, cleaning lady's here" I was on freeway. They said they tried the day before to call...but being out of town the message reached me late and was unaware of it until arriving home. I would've told them to wait because Im out of town. I reach home today and a text shows up that cleaning team has finished. I was furious that they think they can enter a senior citizens home without following specific. Instructions of family. On top of that, we have a big family wedding function this weekend and would've declined the price of clean for a few weeks. Total communication breakdown on their part. I canceled service. Do not recommend them. Once they get your money card info...good luck.

Aug 01, 2018

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