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I was hit from behind while making a left turn. The driver was on his cell phone and never hit his brakes. the impact was so hard it spun the car completely around. The police were call however, no police report was filed because there was no injuries. I called my insurance company then the other guys insurance. I had to wait two days before getting a claim number because he didnt file the claim until two days after the accident. After days of not hearing from them I called back still no answers. Two weeks later they tell me they are going to send an adjuster out the next week. The adjuster comes to my house and looks at the car tells my wife "wow he hit you really hard!" and that he is going to total the car, also to remove all personal effects before they come to tow it. He said we would be contacted in one bussiness day on the estimated value of the car. He also informed my wife that it would be a few days before the tow truck would come because it was not an emergancy situation because it was on our property. Two days after the adjuster was at my house we recived a call, the claim was denied?????????????

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      May 05, 2017

    File a complaint with the State Department of Insurance and also see if you can get a class action started against Mercury for not paying their claims. The State of California investigated them in 2004 for abusive claims procedures. Also, you might want to get an attorney involved but they will charge 40% fee on what you get.

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