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Menards / unfair employee treatment

1 WI, United States Review updated:

Menard's isn't the worst retailer to work for in the world, but as many of the other employee posters have stated, fair treatment by management is completely sub-par. Occasionally you'll find managers whose problem solving and approaches to keeping employees happy and working are pretty impressive (like my own), but I would say a good 75% could not even manage their own shoelaces to stay tied. My store personally is "catch-22 central" in what it expects from its employees. I'm talking about hours offered versus the hours that are actually given. We are expected to work our given shifts, not be late, and not to cut out early nor ask for it. If any of the above are violated, you can expect a verbal or written warning the next day, or at the very least shunned on by some management. At the same time, we expect to be able to work our offered shifts from start to finish, as the whole reason we have the job is to work and make money. This past week I was scheduled to work 23 hours - I worked 9. I am expected to be OK with it, but it's extremely upsetting. Therefore: Catch 22. The job isn't for fun - it is a needed paycheck to pay bills. When most of the part timers are in college, like myself, money is tight enough as it is. Sometimes even dept managers get sent home early, resulting in their not making the 40 hr/week requirement. I like working and I do my job well - much better than part timers in other depts that get more hours than me because someone else made a huge sale. While the pay/workload ratio is fantastic and totally on my side, it does not make up for a measly 9 hours a week. What they need to remember is that the hardest working employees are usually the happiest employees, and recently I have not been a happy employee.

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  • Ni
      24th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    And for the record, I have been employed there over 3 years. Started off great, but now? No dice. Sure, maybe you can blame the economy. But if you're going to do that, why are you still hiring new people? Can't wait to quit. At least at this point I have pretty good job security, seeing as I'm one of the most knowledgeable in all aspects of the store...

  • Un
      9th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Apparently, this is the training that store managers get coming down from corporate as this is the same treatment offered at Hodgkins, IL. Employees schedules are changed without a day's notice, call, email, etc. Employees/students are scheduled ten hours days on week-ends and are ASKED to stay??? No they are told they have to stay until the store is ready regardless if they end up working 12 hours per day total, lunch is whenever if your lucky...maybe on the tenth hour.
    I thinks its time for a class action lawsuit for unfair practices much like Walmart!

  • Ti
      19th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I started out loving working for Menards. It was during the winter and the two departments I started training in (Millwork and Building Materials) were pretty easy to learn. What I cannot stand is the unfair treatment of certain people and management's lack of patience with some of their employees. I think it is unfair to be scheduled 13 + hour days with a half hour lunch break (if you're lucky) and that's it. There is no direction from any of the managers if you need help with something and it's pretty obvious that some of these people probably shouldn't be managers at all. I think that their anti-union stance on things will hurt them in the long run because of all the employee laws they end up violating on an everyday basis

  • Th
      20th of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I think Menards is too big for its britches. The infrastructure cannot keep up with the growth rate. The issues with the computer scheduling system are ridiculous in a company this size. I have had nothing but problems with scheduling since I started. Computers are supposed to make things easier, not harder! I had an much smoother experience when I worked for a small company that had a manual time punch system. And I belong to a relatively small department! I cannot even imagine what some of the larger departments are dealing with. I agree 100% with the statements about the manner in which team members are treated. I think the company must think that since they are offering profit-sharing, they can therefore treat employees like tools instead of human beings. We must show up on time or we are docked points. However, we can be sent home early or kept late regardless of whether or not we have plans or needs. Expectations are two-way: a company has expectations of employees, but employees also have expectations of a company. Wake up, Menards, or all the profit-sharing in the world will not garner you the retention you need in order to be truly successful!

  • Fr
      27th of Oct, 2014
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    All the comments here are vaild ones. I am a former full time employee. I worked here while going to college and took full time until I got a job in my field to pay my loans and bills. Its true, Menards treats there employees like dogs. The computer scheduling system is not good, and I also had mutiple problems with it. It had me work mutiple times working 10 days straight (no OT since it was in 2 different weeks) which violates Illinois law where you can't work more than 6 days straight if full time, no set schedule as a full timer, and they schedule you less than 8 hours between shifts if you close than open which again violates state law. The long hours they schedule you for (10 or more hrs) make you burn out very quickly, and they keep the stores understaffed or have everyone working the same time so nothing ever gets done and your forced to stay after your shift is over to finish projects because of this. It was fine at first getting some OT, but it got rediculious after a while. The managers are very unprofessional and agree most of them don't how to manage and lack any business sense. I want to know who picks some of these managers becasue some of them shouldn't be in these positions. This is why you guys have such high turnover. This place is a joke and is ran by a bunch of greedy, heartless people who don't value their employees hard work they do for them. Oh well, just glad to not be working there! My advice for someone who is thinking of working here is to stay clear of this place!

  • Tr
      1st of Sep, 2016
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    I worked as a stocker in Housewares with a guy who disappeared more than he worked. While recuperating from knee replacement surgery, I submitted my resignation. Keep in mind that this was during a period of FMLA, so I wasn't actively working.
    Now, after much encouragement on the part of one of the best managers in the store, I applied to return. But, I'm not rehireable because I didn't give 2 weeks notice. I wonder how that works when a person is out on a medical leave and not working. 2 weeks notice of what? So, apparently they'll do better with lackadaisical efforts on the part of someone who should have been disciplined long ago than they would with someone who has a work ethic, because of someone's misinterpretation. This company could do well to implement more comprehensive employee and especially management training.

  • Ka
      16th of Oct, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I worked @ Menards in Ionia, Mi. for about 4 months, that was about all I could take of their crap employment! The front end Manager, I was a cashier, was older than me (45) and yet ran that front end like a JHS Click. It was very obvious who she favored as those people got to do pretty much anything they wanted. Shut down your lane. sure no problem. Run to get coffee down the road. sure no problem. Take your lunch ealry. Of course. Meanwhile she was a complete jerk to everyone else. The management seems to be very very concerned about THEIR bonuses as well. They constantly make people go home early to "make payroll" so they're bonuses aren't effected. My manager actually came back from a managerial meeting one day very loudly boasting to her assistant managers in front of all of us that they "better start sending people home EVERYDAY and make sure we make payroll everyday unless you want you bonuses cut" Also after another time after managers came back from a convention holding a meeting, oh and ALL MEETINGS are held at night which means if you work a day shift that day you have to come back to the store that night (it's mandatory!) to sit and listen to them scold you for not getting their bonuses up, to encourage all of us cashiers to start up selling stuff off of our lanes to every customer. Why? Because they needed bigger numbers to get bigger bonuses! Nothing in it for us cashiers what so ever just pressured daily from that point on to get those numbers up so that their bonuses could improve! They are a very greedy, self serving company to work for. They do not treat their employees well and do not pay them well either. You will find no respect working for Menards in any way shape or form. They are awful!

  • Da
      6th of Sep, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I agree with all. Still working at Menards, but hoping my cleaning business picks back up. Menards in Ann Arbor is being run by 25 years old, lazy GM'S and Assistants. They favor young people have allowed dating and pregnancies amongst employee's, this is against policies. Your suppose to get written warnings, then time off then and either demoted or fired. Some can have 20+ points against them, still working. Others( just recently), great work ethics, been there since opening, no points no warnings. Boom after not being up trash outside, which was sent by an e-mailed not in person, (GM job not theirs). Had their scheduled weekend off, came to work next scheduled day, worked 2 hours, was pulled in with GM and his assistant, and his manager boss( who was totally unaware of what was going on). Was written up, give 3 days off and demoted! All at once! Where's policy? I am blown away by this. It's no wonder everyone wants to quit this store. Unfair treatment!!

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