Menardsripping off employees

I worked at the menards iron ridge wi. Dc for 1 year and 6 months i would not recommend that place to any body for a job, this is how i got ripped off for a 500 dollar hop to it bonus, they have a fall hop to it bonus that runs from september to november 1st, and you work all your scheduled hours you earn a 500 dollar bonus, sounds simple enough right? Well not so fast, they scheduled you to make the bonus working 42 or 43 hours a week, and you make that no problem you have that in by friday. Witch was october 31st. I gave them a 12 day notice when all i had to give was 10 days, that i would be leaving and my last day would be november 1st. Well november 1st was a saturday and i was not scheduled to work that weekend because i worked the saturday before. When i turned my time card in at the end of my shift on friday the 31st i asked the department manager if i still would get the bonus and he said yes i had more then enough hours to make the bonus. Well the last time i talked to him he said i would not get the bonus because they go by the last day i worked. But you said i had enough hours in to make the bonus. He said right i know you did, but payroll said they aren't going to give you the bonus. I would not recommend menards as a place to work ever

Dec 25, 2014

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