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This is just a heads up.
I bought three of these tress on April 21, 2018 at your Illinois Road store in Fort Wayne. I felt fine when I purchased them around 2PM on that Saturday...I planted the trees later in the afternoon and started getting very weak and experienced fatigue. I barely got them planted and had to go in and lie down. my joints started to hurt and I got a two degree fever. I thought I was getting the flue. By Sunday I was worse and couldn't walk without assistance. I went to the ER Sunday around 5PM. Long story short... after all tests...blood pressure.urine, blood, flue swab, EKG, x-ray. the doctor found nothing wrong and suggested it was an unknown virus or perhaps I was allergic to the Juniper trees. I was not in hospital overnight. and was back to work Tuesday. I am wondering if the nursery sprayed those tress with something pretty potent and when I lifted them and got them close to my nose, that insecticide or spray of some sort was a sort of poison. It happened very fast.
I am a CEO of a midsize company and am not going to sue anybody, but I suggest you check with your nursery and see if they might be using some sprays that could be toxic. There are lots of plaintiff attorneys around that would love that sort of case and I am only suggesting you check with the nursery and perhaps send some samples to the lab to verify there not using something toxic.
John F. Popp, President Aunt Millie's Bakeries.

Jun 06, 2018
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  • Ja
      Jun 20, 2018

    You have no grounds to "sue" anybody if you have no proof. Since you said the doctor found nothing. What’s your proof? There’s not even reasonable suspicion. Don’t run your mouth about another company until you have your facts in line. Look up false accusations and how it relates to you.

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