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awful place to work in

Menard's inc. is a HORRIBLE place to work the don't care about their guest or there team member...

rip off

I am a local contractor in an area where there are not to many places to get materials, so Menard's is the closest place. I guess the only complaint I have is that every time I order materials for a job (Menard's) will deliver only half of the materials to the job then try to charge me for another delivery.

Oh wait I have another complaint, I went in to order a roof package and the guy I spoke with told me to special order everything I needed so that it would all come in one package. Then after waiting two weeks I called to see if it was there and they told me yes but not all of it.

So I had to wait another two weeks for the rest of it. Well then it finally showed up, Then they told me it would be delivered the following week well that following week arrived and no materials. I just spoke to them and they said there is nothing they could do other than schedule another delivery for a week later.

So now I have been telling the customer that his roof will be done several different times do to Menard's #%&*-ups. This has happened on three different jobs you would think I would know better by now.

  • Sh
    Shaun Oct 05, 2008

    Have you spoke to the store manager about the delivery problem? What did he say the reason was for the delivery delay?

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  • Ka
    Kate Overby Jun 21, 2011

    We have also seen the great service at Menards/ Minot! They sell inventory that is not in the warehouse, no one knows where anything is and it took, literally, 3mo to get a replacement window that they informed us was in their magic door #22. After travelling nearly 200mi to pick up the window, on an 80 degree day with an infant in a carseat, I had to help search door #22 for a window that could not be found. Spent all of the day trying to sort this problem out, no one acknowledged an extremely irritable baby and even angrier mom. So furious at the passing of the buck, I told them I was leaving with a window...whether it was mine or not. Horrible service... If Lowes or Home Depot should come into the area, Menards would go belly-up! I did leave with a window that was not what we ordered. Hate to have to do business here, but cannot get competition into Minot. BTW, if you order nice Pella windows, cabinetry or custom countertop here, I have seen how these items are handled in the warehouse. If your incredible Pella window leaks the winter after installation or your countertop suddenly fractures do not be surprised. Alternatives are Menards of Bismark or Lowe's and Home Depot in Billings. If you are purchasing expensive products and need more than a tube of calk, the travel will pay for itself over and over.

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  • Jg
    jgonyer Aug 07, 2012

    I worked for that Minot for about 3 mo, and I'm appalled. I was in the paint Department that ran fine under the manager that was on when I arrived. But she left (conflict of interest) and it all went to pits. None of the managers care about actually taking care of the customers OR their workers, just about getting that extra buck in the bottom line.
    One particular event I remember was an elderly, disabled lady who came in with a 5 gal of paint on her rolling walker. It was watery, and after re-shaking it (company policy to ensure everything blended properly), it was still watery and took a few coats to even begin to coat a paint-stick. The previous manager said I only had to get manager approval and typically with defected buckets like this one, we'd replace it without a hassle. So I went to get the current department manager and he flat-to-my-face, in front of the customer, said "We've never done that." He then turned to the customer and told her that if they handled all the defects in paint, they would rot out the bottom line. The lady (and myself) was so appalled she left the paint and stormed out, telling customers of what transpired on her way out. It was a few weeks later that I stepped out and proceeded to pelt the manager with complaints everytime I came in as a customer. (We were trying to rebuild our flood-damaged home, and it's the only place to get supplies). Nothing ever changed.
    Seriously, I'm surprised the store hasn't been reported. If you look on google, you'll see under the map 3 images that users selected: A broken lightbulb, a CEO laughing and counting the big bucks, and a CEO using big bucks to light a cigar.

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terrible experience

I'm not writing about a bad purchase experience with Menards although I have some if you want them. I'm writing about my experience building a Menards. As a GC we purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in materials from Menards and I would think that makes us a good customer but apparently there is no such thing with Menards. John Menard has created a company that specializes in walking all over anyone who stands in the way of a profit. I have never had such a hard time getting paid on any job before! We had the entire shell of the building up before they released a single dime! My excavator almost shut down the construction entrance with a his back-*** on the demand that he get paid. They used every excuse and lie to withhold payment. They flat out stole money from my contract and challenged me to try and sue them and their "office full of attorneys". I've never been so mistreated in my life. Maybe all big box stores are the same but for now I will take all my business to anyone but Menards. "Save Dirty Money at Menards" - God bless the little man.

  • Sh
    Shaun Oct 05, 2008

    Did your contract say that you would get paid during the construction or when it was 100% done?

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  • An
    angry customer Jan 16, 2009

    god bless you too. that really sucks that they couldn't pay you all the while they were misleading and everything but short of stealing from everyone else

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  • Do
    Dome Sep 04, 2009

    Ask why store didn't have motorized carts for handicapped customers.was told it was because of insurance. can not shop there because i can not walk long distance if you had carts i would shop longer and spend more money . so you lose my business and others i am sure. the reason for not having carts is not because of insurance it is not a sufficient reason it is discriminating against the handicap. Lowe's have them so i take the bulk of my needs to their store i like your prices but it is a inconvenience to shop in your store.

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  • Nb
    nb47mn Nov 09, 2009

    I used to work for a Menards in Rochester. They had like maybe one chair for all the people who had trouble walking. I would feel bad or those people and always wondered myself why they are so inconsiderate not only with their employees but also their customers too. That's terrible. I lost my job there this Sunday because they discriminated against me for my gender. They knew I was pregnant and therefore entitled to rights by law to keep my job. It's not that I have become irresponsible; I was just unable to live up to all these expectations in my life. They don't care.

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  • Bl
    Blah blah blah. Nov 21, 2009

    im sorry but if you go to the store alone and are a handicapped...then you need someone else with you...the world isnt suppose to just change at your cost...i work at menards and yeah i feel bad that we dont have a lot of wheelchairs, but handicapped shouldnt be alone in the store...or bring your own goddamn wheelchair...###s...what else do you "special" "privaliged" people need? want us to do your shopping for you? bag your ### at the ###ing "self-bagging service"? wipe your ### and hold your hand around the store? get your ### together and dont shop alone if you need a wheel chair...if you are a handicapped, have a damn chair or walker with you.

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  • Jr
    JRMO Feb 10, 2013

    Welcome to the real world, you pompous, self-centered a**. First, it does not matter whether you spend one dollar or "hundreds of thousands" of dollars, EVERY GUEST is a good guest. Why should you be any more of a "good" guest than the little old lady who spend only $10 for a new toilet seat? The amount of money you spend is completely irrelevant. Do you expect "special" treatment at your grocery store or gas stattion. Try this, you blithering idiot - next time you go to the gas station or grocery store, ask for the manager when you get to the cashier. When the manager arrives at the checkout, tell them that you spend "lots" of money in their establishment, and then ask if they will sell you the gas or milk at last week's sale prices (or a discount) - because you are such a "good customer". Perhaps the irritation you feel at the response you receive will cause a fatal heart attack, leaving more air for intelligent folks to breathe. Second, why would you expect payment BOFORE the job is complete? When you FINISH the job you get paid!!! No-one is going to "release a dime" for a shell of a building - you have unreasonable expectations. Get a life!!!

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awful service

I bought several items with a check of $120 at Appleton West. Got home found I bought 2 wrong items. Returned the next day and they gave me an in store credit, sent me through check out to repurchase. 2 weeks later, wife returned with $11 of extra unused still packaged project parts while she was in town. They gave her an in store credit claiming she bought items with a gift card even after I told her to expect cash and after an argument with supervisor. I went back, calmly explained all this and received cash and a "I don't know why they did that". We live 30 miles from this store in Ogdensburg, closest store. The person at the store gave me a customer survey slip to send to corporate. I sent it and Arlene sent a letter back stating there store policy is clearly printed on every receipt. What that had to do with my inconvenience is beyond me. The cash I got only paid for gas to go back. What they did was way out of line. I have several other complaints over 20 years of problems I will post here about Menards. Stay tuned...

  • Sa
    sandy Aug 31, 2008

    I got home didn't have black flag spray i bought i called to tell them cause i couldn't come back in tonight or tomorrow cause i work by time i get off they will be closed it being labor day i called the girl asked me if the door nobs i bought were they in a box or plastic container {i gave her the numbers of bottom of recet} asked what color the bag of potting soil i bought! I asked talked to manager i got hung upon. I called back after the 5th time was talking to the manager while he was talking to some one else i asked him if he was listening he said yes then asked me what was i saying!! Didn't get the spray just rude people.

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  • Me
    Menards Guy Oct 03, 2008

    You received an in store credit because like all retailers in the United States, checks takes 14 days to clear. If you had waited 14 days you would receive cash. This policy has been the industry standard for 25 years.
    On the second return I assume you did not have a receipt or the return was still within 14 days of the check being written. Among the competitors Menards has the MOST lenient return policy and continues to be the industry standard for guest service.
    All return policies are clearly posted above the returns counter and on the back of all receipts.

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i've never realized

I never realized what a slip shot operation Menards is. I was always a big Menards fan until they built their new BIG Menards. I always felt like I was getting a good deal in the older smaller store; now I see that we the consumers are paying for the newer bigger store. The prices have definitely increased in the goods I used to buy regularly at the old store. Now, I am reading about how Menards is so bottom line money grubbing, not caring about hiring quality knowledgeable employees, not fair to their sickens me. I think I'll make a switch to the Home Depot.

  • Sh
    Shaun Oct 05, 2008

    If you haven't noticed, everything in the world is going up in price. Go ahead and price shop, HD may beat Menards on a few things, but for majority of the items Menards will have them beat. Good luck finding someone who will say hi to ya at depot.

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  • Me
    Menards man Nov 26, 2008

    What company isn't about putting money on their bottom line? Do your research Will...while prices are going up everywhere, Menards is still the lowest price. And, while we are opening new stores consistantly, HD is closing stores across the country. By the way, Menards cares more about its guests than depot and lowes...they only care about their stock holders.

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I will not be back again

2 months ago I started a simple 12x20 deck project, to my concern about previous menards encounters my wife talked me into going back to purchase the Ultra deck Fusion decking and railing system. Needless to say I still am not done with the deck, for starters we special order the decking and can no do it over the phone with a credit card, so I have to drive 50 miles to pay for it. Second it was a delivery date of 7 days which turned into 21/2 weeks and then to top it off the railing system was wrong. Reordered and had to wait, by now my deck stringers are all twisted from drying out. Finally get to installing the hand railing and find out that I got F_cked again, they did not give me the correct handrail insert, I had to go to the web site myself and tell the dip s_it at the counter what I needed, Thanks Menards for all the Headache and wasted gas to and from, I WILL NOT BE BACK AGAIN.

  • Mr
    mr rude Oct 20, 2008

    Your the problem. I work at a menards. You cant expect the guy who sold it to you to know that the item would be wrong. We sell thousands and thousands of items, you cannot know everything about every item. Im sure you got ### with someone about the order time. Most likely a receiving team member, how would it be there fault. If it took longer than expected its not the stores fault its the vendors. The reason for not taking credit cards over the phone is due to high rates of credit card theft and abuse.

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  • Fr
    Frank Nov 24, 2008

    I don't know what you might consider "a simple 12 x 20 deck project" based on the information you provided, but it sounds like you started the "project" before you had all the materials. Rule of thumb; over compensate on the materials you will be using, its better to be safe than SORRY. Besides you can always return the leftovers to Menards. I currently work at Menards as a recieving/lumber yard team member. We handle all of the lumber and decking as well as the special orders. However, we only recieve them. The employees at the building materials desk place the orders. I encounter customers (or guests as Menards would like us to call them) who have or have had problems with their special orders. Like the comment says before me, it is most likely the vendors fault. It is possible there may have been some miscommunication between you and the building materials associate upon ordering the item, but we have no control over the order or when it will get there. So the next time you have a complaint. Make sure its with the right company.

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  • Lo
    LockJawCowboy Feb 26, 2009

    I have been with Menards for 8 years and i have never known them not to take a credit card over the phone. There is alot of information that we need, things that someone with a stolen credit card would not know. On the special order contract it says ESTIMATED DATE OF ARRIVAL. With the emphasis on ESTIMATED. You come into Menards and expect to have everything handed to you. Well guess what it is not their deck it is yours! They are there to make sure that you get everything that you want and need. They are not there to tell you what color or what size or how amazing it may be when it is done. They are there to help you make your project as easy and affordable as possible while still giving you great value. Menards has professional estimaters there 5 days a week. All you have to do is give them your blue prints and what you would like it to be constructed of and they will do the rest. Do they sometimes make mistakes yes. That tends to happen in everyones lives.

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  • Wow is all I have to say. Great job taking ownership blaming a botched order or delivery on a vendor YOU chose to hire. Menards would have your [censor] if it knew you were online representing thier business on a complaint board defending a mistake that was made. In good business you take the hit and assume the responsibility if there was a mistake... regardless of whether you outsourced to another company. Sure this guy got "[censor]" (real professional) with someone... that is also "how it is" in the industry you are in. Try working for a call center... then again please don't. Have fun hating your jobs until you get real ones.

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  • Na
    Nate711 Jun 16, 2017

    I ordered the UltraDeck Fusion to replace my 12x12 wood deck and I absolutely love it! It was a simple process for me. I simply measured to see gow many boards I would need, and ordered them from the Menards website. I was able to track my order online to find out when it would arrive. It was a great experience on my end! :)

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scam and fraud

I am sorry to bother you again, I sent an email in regards to getting rehired with the company, if possible contact me at [protected] or email me. When it comes to working i am a hard and a dependable worker thank you for taking the time to read this i hope i could hear from the company.

bad customer service

We were building a deck and decided to go to the store a week ahead of time to order the wood. The order wa...

poor management

I work at the Clive store and have for the last four and a half years. I enjoy the work that I do, but the...

1,000 dallor door

My wife picked out a certain type of door with blind inside the glass. I thought we were getting a good door...

awful treatment

I work at Menards. The way they treat their employees is absolutely awful. It's no wonder that their i...

defective decking

Purchased Decking from Menards Green Bay Wi Made by Biewer Lumber St. Clair Mi. Defects inspected by Mark Vetter Biewer Lumber on 6/17/08.

Deck is splitting/twisting? This was brought to builder’s attention Mecca Construction & Menards last year. Need to be addressed and corrected. Spent $11, 287.56 on a deck that after a year looks worse then cedar decks it replaced that was 17 yrs old. I have been requesting correction from the builder. (Mecca Construction) and Menards for over a year. Menards sent an inspector last year. Never heard anything. Biewer Lumber sent Mark Vetter after I called Mecca again.

  • Ra
    Rayda Menendez Jul 25, 2008

    I was on line checking my checking account and was charged 69.90 plus an over draft fee for 35.00 and I can't find a phone number to get my money back. Please if anyone out there has their phone number please let me know.


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sold damaged patio table as new

We purchased a patio bistro table at the Jackson, MI Menards 6-20-08. The carton had been re-taped but we thought it was only handling damage. What a surprise when we got home, it was easy to tell this table had been sold and assembled before. The paint was chipped on all 4 corners of the table, yet it was sold as new!! The exchange process cost over 75 miles round trip and 3 hours elapsed time. What a waste of time because of careless employees at Menards. They didn't offer anything extra for our gas, time, & trouble.

  • Mr
    mr rude Oct 20, 2008

    Careless employees? Like its the employees fault, ha. If a guest comes in being a complete dick or hands me a ticket and tells me to pull it, do you think im going to be so carefull with your items. You should have checked out the item before you bought it. Would you buy a package of eggs if the carton was crushed? Its your fault and what do you want a ###ing gas card for your troubles? Go shop at the depot there so much better!

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  • Av
    average joe Nov 30, 2008

    lol at stupid people, cry some more about driving after you were stupid enough to buy and not look at the item before you hauled it cross country. Let me guess, menards should have given you a free table to make up for it right... lol dumbass

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I won't shop there again

I bought a side by side refrig. At menards great deal even bought a 3 year warranty! They delivered the wrong one I went to the store to straighten this out, was told the one I bought the day before was priced wrong and I owed them money With my paper work in my hand 4 store managers told me they would do Nothing to help me. I spent $800 in menards and they said To bad, I ask the manager if he knew Bait and Switch is illegal He didn't know what that meant. I will never shop at Menards again!

  • Mr
    mr rude Oct 20, 2008

    Good go shop at the depot, to will pay a ton more for anything there. Good luck.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Wright Oct 30, 2008

    Why didnt you just tell them to REFUND your money.Besides there is laws that state if an item is mispriced the place HAS to sell it to you at the price advertised.

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menards thinks this will blow over

I was injured at Menard's located on 53rd Ave in Davenport, IA.

I was looking for some 1x4x8 boards, and acquired the help of an employee. The employee was up on the second level of Aisle G out in the lumber yard. I asked the employee to hand me down a couple boards at a time, and the idiot employee handed me down 6-7 boards at the same time.

I grabbed the boards from above my head, and lowered them down to my chest and proceeded to lower them down to the ground while squatting. The employee dropped his end, and I bore the full weight of the boards, and heard a bang, as the boards hit the hand rail about 5 feet above my head.

Immediately I felt something large hit me on the top of my head, and I dropped to my knees. Apparently, a fire extinguisher was hit by the boards and it hit me in the head.

I was totally shocked, and got nauseous, and had some blurry vision. I went and found a manager, and filled out an accident report and my wife drove me to the ER, where they performed a CT scan and discovered I had a mild concussion.

The manager of Menards, Mike, informed me that someone would contact me on Tuesday. I called the store manager on Wednesday and talked to him about it, and he made me feel like it was not his problem and that someone will call me about it eventually.

I didn’t get a call by Thursday, so I called and spoke to the manager again, and he was upset that I had called him and said that he had other things to take care of and asked if there was anything else I needed. I informed him that I will be getting a lawyer and he said, and?

I am pissed that the fire extinguisher was just resting on a perch, and was not attached to anything. It was hanging on a plastic bracket, and that it fell so easily. I have video on my phone after the fact. Showing just how unstable it is on the perch it was sitting on. And I also took some pictures of it as well, for the lawyer.

I am pissed that Menards thinks this will blow over.

  • Me
    Menards Guy Jul 15, 2008

    The store has no authority once an accident occurs. You need to contact their insurance company direct to pay for any medical expenses.

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  • Ca
    Casey Horton Aug 11, 2008

    Your a ###!! 1-4-8 Are tiny you deserve to get hit the head if you cant carry that!!!

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  • To
    ToolMan Sep 10, 2008

    The information you gave about the fire extinguisher is false. I have been to the Menard's in Davenport and I know that the extinguishers are not just resting on persches. They are attached to the 4x6's that hold up the top level and 6 1x4x8's is just like carrying 3 2x4x8's, which extremely light. Not to mention that they are Kiln dried so it's not like they are saturated with water. By the way, Davenport Menard's aisle G is a self serve aisle therefore he did not have to help you!

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  • Dg
    dgdgdg Dec 13, 2009

    I am going to plant myself firmly into the group who is ok with Fire Extinguishers being easily removed... you know... in case of fire.

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  • Ug
    ugh_complaints Feb 11, 2011

    They don't have district managers or regional managers. They have General Managers at each location. You should have known you weren't paying the full amount from the beginning. Didn't you think it was odd when you got to the register?

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scam and cheating

We purchased carpeting for 4 bedrooms, a hall, and stairway at Menards and were told it would take 7-10 day...

bad service

We bought materials for a pole shed last year. The materials were delivered late and arrived just two days prior to a snowfall that didn't melt until April (those of you in Wisconsin know what I'm talking about). Due to the early snowfall, not only were we not able to put the shed up, we weren't able to sort through the stacks to see what had or had not been delivered. By the way, I didn't think I HAD to inventory them. We just finished building our house. Those materials were purchased from a reputable building supplier. I never had a reason to inventory anything they delivered. They simply delivered what I paid for. Menards, to the contrary, does not necessarily deliver what you paid for. This was demonstrated, first, by the failure to deliver a door. When we discovered the door was missing, we argued for a time with the store but the door eventually was delivered (I realize now just how lucky I was). Today, however, when we realized an entire shipment (3 packages in total) of screws was missing, the store told us, "tough luck." Too much time has passed. If it had been within a couple of weeks of delivery, MAYBE we could have done something. Okay -- so that means that we DO have to inventory everything (I'm talking hundreds of items in an order for a pole shed) within a couple of weeks of delivery or you're out of luck. I have to say that even if we were able to start building last year, we still wouldn't have known the roofing screws were missing within two weeks unless we had done a complete inventory upon delivery. So now I have to shell out more money to pay for screws I already paid for. Way to go, Menards. I can tell you I will NEVER order anything from you again. I would rather pay a premium to get it through Lowe's or a building supplier.

  • I0
    I'mOnlySaying Aug 18, 2009

    I'm sorry, but I would've told you the same exact thing. If it's been more than a few weeks, that's not really the company's problem, it's yours. If you're irresponsible enough to not inventory things, you put too much trust into companies.

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  • Wi
    William P. Wolfe Sep 09, 2009

    I was in need of a lawn sweeper, this morning I visited the Menards store in Kokomo Indiana. they had on hand abou 5 lawn sweepers that would have worked, I had seen an add in the locals paper advertizing a 42 inches lawn sweeper at rural king for $199.00 the one in your store was the same make and same type made by agri-fab, Yours was selling for $269, 00. I was under the thought that you people matched and reduced the price by 10% as in the past. but the clerk manager said the models or the one sold by Rural king was not the same as the one sold by your store. They were exactly the same sweeper. a 42" tow lawn sweeper. I am disappointed in the service I received. I have spent many dollars at your stores and thinking maybe you would rather I go on down the street to lowes to give them mmy business.
    Yours truly
    William P. Wolfe
    2838 W 300 S
    Peru, Indiana 46970

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  • Al
    Alan Saul Sep 07, 2017

    @William P. Wolfe Menards get around this by buying in bulk then they have some small change from all other models then they can say its a different model, which it is. Example a Black and Decker drill at menards may have a 8 foot cord but the rest is the same as everyone else's but they have a different model number for that reason.

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  • Bl
    Blah blah blah. Nov 21, 2009

    all you people who ### and complain about menards and their service need to put a plug in it...its always the same with you come into our store and tell us what to do...what to get you...and ### at those of us who cant really help you...get it through your head that not everyone in the store can help you with ###...if you dont like whats going on in the store, then be my guest and go pay a ### ton of more money to buy ### you need for a day...and another thing, dont buy ### for a shed in the middle of ###ing winter and not inventory...its not our fault ### didnt get blame the first employees in menards you see and its the people at the service desk...WE dont make the rules, we just do what were told...when you ### people come into our store and complain about some screws or 50 cents, we make fun of you when your out the doors...if your gunna come to menards and be an ### hole to us, let us know where you work and we'll come to you and complain about all the same ### you do to us.

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  • We
    Weatherkings Oct 25, 2010

    i bought a 26" yard wise lawn sweeper at menards and i cant complain, for one it was cheaper and 2 it was the only to buy it without ordering it online, i will always go menards for everything i need for my new house!

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  • Ma
    mark myers Nov 03, 2010

    menards sells bad [censor] blah blah blah seconds factory rejects like you blah [censor]ing blah blah i work hard for my [censor]ing money i dont want to throw it at you [censor]ing shoopkeeping [censor]s that dont know jack [censor]ing [censor] about anything but your [censor]ing [censor] youere holding on to when your [censor]ing supposed to be [censor]ing working [censor] you blah blah blah

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my bad experience

I am a disabled person who is in need of an electric cart. When I came into the store, there were no standard carts. The wheel chair cart was too small, and there are no electric carts available. Therefore, I was unable to shop at your store. Store also does not have any seating such as benches or chairs to rest on throughout the store. Spoke with manager and manager said he had requested more carts and electric carts three or four times in the last several years and has not received a response from HQ yet. This shows that Menards does not have any respect for disabled persons has a right to shop and has needs as well. Had to shop at Lowe’s because they have electric carts.

  • Jo
    Jocko Lane Jun 08, 2008

    Why would Menard's order more electric carts for someone to use. I am also handicapped and management knows that overall the people who are going to require electric cart s are not going to generate revenue like catering to able body customers. Dollars and cents!!!l. Their big money is in "Building Materials" It's a question of the accountants putting the money where they are going to get the biggest bang for the buck$$$

    No need to thank me menard's I'll just have my son push me around in one of your overpriced factory seconds inferior wheel barrels.

    P.S. I suggest you install blinking strobe lights on sticks like Kmart use to have when someone wants service. I have to whistle like I'm at a football game when I see one of the clerks out dodging me. If you clerks don't like your job quit or learn to deal with customers instead of walking the other way at 15 miles and hour when you see someone trying to find help.. I know I'm not alone on this complaint!!!

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  • Jo
    joe Jun 08, 2008

    You are the excepti0ns not the norms. If every business catered to you they would be out of business. You are not more special than an able bodied person. You have more limitations that is the extent of it. You need to adapt to our world, not the other way around.

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  • Ni
    Nick Jul 20, 2008

    Bring your own cart. All I ever see on tose carts is FAT people! I would not supply one to you either. Wal-Mart does so shop there where all the fat people shop. Lose some weight and then walk around like everyone else. If you can't even do something as simple as shopping at menards, how can you do any DIY project around your house?

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  • Lo
    Loella Apr 10, 2010

    People are so rude. I am able to do diy projects and I am able to choose items for others I hire to install. But I can not walk the store several times to find what their employees will not point out. I do not care if Menards have carts or not however since I shop at home depot who has the carts, showing they care about my business.

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terrible service

I need to travel 40 miles to my nearest Menards. Menards of Marquette has been doing a lot of expanding and moving inventory around.

It is a nightmare trying to find things and it has always been difficult to get any help! You can watch as you approach an employee they seem to turn and hide. Menards has lack of employees.

I would like to see Menards of Marquette have a manned information centre with maybe detailed floor plans to pass to any consumer with questions on where to find certain products or information.

If Walmart can afford greeters, Menards ought to be able to find a retiree, to man an info centre cheap!

  • Mr
    mr rude Oct 20, 2008

    I work at a menards and can tell you first hand were always understaffed. We turn away from guests because 90% of the guests are complete ###s. Theres thousands of items in the store so dont get pissed if a team member doesnt know exactly where and item is.

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  • El
    Elmo96 Feb 16, 2009

    The floor plans at Menards change all the time. It sounds like you happened to stumble into yours when there were redesigning there's. And that manned information center you were talking about? It's called the service desk. Just go up there and tell the nice man or lady what you need, and they will either call somebody up to direct you to the product or tell you how to get there. There's always somebody there, and they can't turn away!! The reason I know this is because it's my job to work service desk, and I deal with this every day. Just be nice, please!!

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I will never go back to menards

The store manager of Menards in Tinley Park. His name is john, , he is the worst customer service

I bought a fan and the fan was defective and it was installed on my ceiling in my house, , I went back to explain the problem, , , maybe we did some wrong, , , at the end it was defective, , , I was willing to buy another fan and have the service man install the new one and I will return the old back, , , he charged me $30.00 more for the new one. He could charge me the same price and I will return the old one, , he turn his back on me and kept going ... I will never go back to Menard, there is lowes and home depot

  • Av
    average joe Nov 30, 2008

    i'm sure that menards is fine with the loss, you sound very unintelligent

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  • Fo
    Former Slave Dec 10, 2008

    Another Menards suck ### employee...did they give you a 10 cent raise to respond to the complaints for the rest of your life...Probably! ###!

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  • Ch
    challenger Jun 29, 2009

    John, the Manager is an ###, without a doubt. He needs people skills and customer service training. If he worked for me I'd fire him!

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