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Melaleuca Inc. / bad company?

1 United States

I was just horrified when I discovered that a company shares its profits with the people who are loyal and shop every month! I prefer my precious Big-Box stores where I can buy a 3-6month supply and save just pennies. Of course, then I don’t have to remember to shop since I just bought 2ltrs of shampoo or 5lbs of raisins. That makes it very convenient when I have huge containers of products sitting around the house. It really makes me mad when a company like this offers an alternative to harsh and toxic chemical filled products. We should all buy the same name brand and generic products sold at stores like Wal-mert and Castco, because if a large company makes a product it’s got to be safe. Bleach is good for me right? If I cannot get a product for really cheep, then it’s probably not worth buying.

I have also heard all sorts of problems with the customer service. Albeit, many were from people who had never used the products or customer services. But, aren’t their opinions legitimate? I want to be able to cancel my account with the click of a button, that way there is none of those cumbersome security measures associated with cancelation. Even though there is no proof of illegal practices associated with Melaleuca, I am confident that opinion should just take the place of facts. How dare they practice business with ethics and morals! After all, we live in a society where profiteering is the job of large business. And how dare a smaller company not associate itself with the advertising business and pass the savings on to its customers. Slander and Liable are not enforced on the internet, so let’s all just blast away at as many businesses as possible. I understand people are pretty pissed off at Verizon, but then again; they only charge you $175 for early cancelation. We just accept that as part of “How the company runs.” With Melaleuca, people are very angry that you need to cancel your membership by a certain date. That sounds a lot like semantics. Who can really be responsible as a consumer to remember complicated contract jargon like, “Cancelations must be received in writing by the 25th.” That is so difficult to remember dates, and writing; who does that anymore? Oh, I just remembered. You could type a sentence and print it, sign it and put it in the mail box. Oh well, that all sound very challenging to me. I should probably just continue to be a blind lamb in the world of consumerism and never look at alternatives.


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