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Melaleuca / online scam!

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I was browsing the web where I can about this program. I emailed them. Said why not and it's worth a try, and had only cost me $1.00 to sign up. Well I asked every question under the book. My one question, 'Do I have to purchase anything monthly?' They said no. I asked them again, but in a different form 'So I do not have to put out any money a month for this?' They replied just for the material that it cost you to advertise. But non towards their products. I sat in an hour length phone call. The only thing it went over and over again on was how much money you can make, and all the promotions going on.

Well the next month came along, and well let's just say I felt real low trying to purchase something for my newborn at the store. Because I knew I have money on my credit card, and it was denied. This one wonderful lady offered to pay for my items, but I said no thank you and called my credit card company up right away.

Melaleuca had charged $34.98 or some amount to my credit card. I put a dispute on it and called up Melaleuca the following business day. They told me it was in the contract. I said 'OHNO!' I asked that question before hand. They then told me that if I would had read the contract it states it in there. Well see the only thing though, is that you give all your credit card information over the phone to the lead person. You don't actually see the contract.

It's just a big scam. I never bought any of their products because I told them that, I was in the middle of moving, and had NO extra money. So I could afford the $1.00 set up fee but not $34.98 or whatever the amount was a month.

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  • Cb
      20th of Jun, 2012
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    Also at anytime you can have your membership placed on hold and not receive backup orders. And if you want to buy their products without becoming a member and required to purchase 35 points each month, you can simply buy the products at full price without the membership discount whenever you need more products and not monthly if you don't need people are fussing over things that they don't even have the whole picture about or understand...

  • Ra
      2nd of Oct, 2012
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    I was a preferred customer with this company and have been trying to cancel my account since July 2012, it is now October 2012. I have repeatedly sent in the paperwork necessary to cancel and they still sent product to my home. Every time I have followed up their harassing phone calls and text messages with a response it is the same excuse "we don't have your cancellation on file". In the mean time they recently charged my credit card account for services that, as I stated, I cancelled 3 months ago. I responded in kind with fraud charges through my credit card company. I spoke with them again today and for the third time I am sending them a cancellation notice so I am sure I will be getting more harassing calls and text messages.

    Do not do business with this company. Cancelling is nearly impossible and appears they want you to get fed up and just keep doing business with them. As for their products, some I liked, some I didn't but, that is no different than any company in the market.

  • Da
      25th of Jun, 2014
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    Reading through the complaints it occurs to me that most of the problems stem from the business partners or up line. These sponsors do not give full disclosure and out right lie just to get people to sign up. If these people had been honest and given full disclosure 90% of these people would not have been left with a bad impression.

    When getting involved in a business like this don't sign up until you do your own research on the corporation site. Call the 800 for the company hot line and ask them questions, don't base everything on what the prospective sponsor says. Most companies will post their compensation plans online and this will outline any and all requirements. If there is anything different from what your would be sponsor is telling you, call them out on it.

  • Ak
      28th of Sep, 2014
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    Melaleuca is certainly not a scam. It's been in business since 1985 and earns over a billion dollars annually. If it had been a scam it would have been closed a long time ago. The problem here as I see it is you are dealing often with customers who then chose to move on it as a business and promote it. There are many lay people who for whatever reason don't do the right thing or say the right thing, whatever. The problem is with the individual, not the company. I have been a consumer for over 4 years and have never had a problem. We love the products. They are great on the phone and address any issues immediately. The person who enrolled 1student is the one who had the issue, not the company. Many network marketing companies or direct sales companies get a bad name or complaints because some of their distributors don't have a clue or say/mislead prospects, make claims, etc.

  • Je
      6th of Apr, 2016
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    I just have one question. You said you could afford and did pay that $1 set up fee or whatever you called it. What did you think the $1 setup was for?

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