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MDG Computers - Newmarket, Ontario / Manufacturer's defect, warranty not covered

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Purchased a computer from the Newmarket MDG computer store on May 17, 2006. I went there to buy a computer that they has advertised in the newspaper ads, but when I got there found out that Internet ready doesn't mean that the hardware to access the Internet is included in the computer. I was pushed by the salesman to purchase a different system that would be better for my small business. I was in a panic because my old system I had at home, the monitor crashed and my system was old and so didn't want to just buy a new monitor, thought I would get a better deal if I purchased a whole new system. But this created a problem for my small business if I didn't return home with a computer that day. I didn't have any issues with the computer for a few months but then started to notice a flicker in my new monitor. This went on for days, not always flickering but at time it got so bad that looking at the screen would make my stomach roll.

I started my computer one day September 19/06 ( 4 months after purchase) and it just wouldn't start. There was no way to even get into safe mode. I called the phone number for tech support and he confirmed that this was a hardware issue and that I needed to return the system to the store I purchased it at. I called the Newmarket store around 12:30 PM to get some information about what I needed to bring with me to get warranty service for the computer, but didn't hear back from them until after 5 PM at which point I was not there to talk to them. I called the next day over an over starting at 8:30 AM only getting tier answering machine. I left numerous messages, but was not called back by them so I packed up the computer and drove to their store. I took the computer in and was refused warranty service because there was a sticker missing on the back of the computer. I explained that the sticker is missing because I followed their instructions to make sure that the computer was not damaged by dust and to "inspect and clean" the computer every 6 to 8 weeks. The warranty information on the desktop of my computer said " physical hardware damage and/or damage caused by DUST build-up is NOT a manufacturer's defect, and not covered under warranty."

They refused to honor the warranty because I followed their instructions to inspect and clean the computer from dust that was outlined in their congratulations letter given to me when I purchased the computer.

I returned home with the computer and called MDG head office. I told them I wanted my computer fixed and that the Newmarket store refused to honor the warranty. I also wanted to file a complaint about the Newmarket store. I was told that I would be put through to tech support but I explained that I had already spoke to tech support and was told to take it to the store. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that no one was there that I could talk to. I asked for the CEO's name and number was was refused that information. I was told that I would have to e-mail the complaint to MDG, and at this point I lost it.. HOW CAN I E-MAIL IF MY COMPUTER WILL NOT EVEN BOOT UP?? The gal on the phone thought this funny and giggled "oh yeah". I asked her for her name was told it was Stephanie, I asked for her last name and was refused. I asked for her supervisors name and was refused. I ended the call knowing that I wasn't going to get anywhere talking to her.

I was now without a computer and unable to run my business because of my MDG computer issues.

I called another computer tech and took my computer in to see what was wrong with it. It was the motherboard. He replaced the motherboard, the computer worked for about a week, but I was still having other issues. He explained that sometimes hardware conflicts with other hardware. I had at least got my computer working long enough to make sure that I had a up to date backup of my files, but I would be working and the computer would just shut itself off. I would have to save all my work every few minutes to make sure I didn't lose anything, but there was no guarantee that the computer was going to start again. Sometimes it would take 5 or 6 boots to get it to start. I took it back to the tech and he reformatted the computer to make sure it was not a software issue, but there wasn't any improvement. He was going to take the computer back in and find out what was wrong with it but I had already starting paying for computer repairs on a computer that should have been under warranty and I wasn't going to and couldn't afford to sink any more money into this BAD purchase.

How did I solve this problem? I purchased another computer, and I must say, that for $100 more I purchased a system that is double the ram,1 gig compared to the 512 Mb MDG , is an AMD 3500 as compared to the MDG Celeron 3.06 gz, a 160 gig hard drive compared to the 80 gig MDG, 18x DVD-RW compared to the MDG 16x dvd rw, has a separate graphics card compared to onboard video from MDG, a 19" LCD compared to the 17" LCD monitor from MDG, and on and on I could go , but also I now have 2 years parts and labor on the new system, and that is far better than the warranty refusal that I received from MDG. I was actually shown the guts of the NEW computer when I purchased it.

So I now have this MDG black box. I call it the black box because it looks like a computer but sure doesn't work like one. I couldn't even sell this piece of junk if I wanted to but really, I don't have the heart to try to sell it to someone and put them through the computer troubles that would lay ahead. I have more honor than MDG does. I am taking MDG TO COURT. It is the only way to deal with these people.

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  • Ro
      6th of Mar, 2007
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    MDG is scam - it is rumored they sell poor quality or used, after market junk as new systems.

  • Le
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    I too have been having similar problems with MDG. First they send me defective laptop/software items, then when they sent me the replacement items, rather than sending me the MS Office 2003 Student/Teacher edition (with outlook), they send me the MS Office 2007 Home/Student edition (without outlook) without even first consulting me!

    And if that isn't bad enough... after telling the service support rep that they sent me the wrong software, she turns around, and, without my authorization sends me another copy of the MS Office 2007 Home/Student! The very same software that they sent me.

    If you ask me, I think Allision, the MDG Service Support rep is on drugs!!

  • Mc
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    Thats a harsh comment to say a sales rep is on drugs! Perhaps you could take into consideration that mistakes do happen. With regards to the quality, MDG uses tier one brand name components in all their models, and when I was researching PCs before buying my MDG I found they are ISO 9001 certified and all of their computers go through testing where they perform stress tests and run all their systems for a period of time to ensure the quality. It's hard to believe these complaints when I can say I have had nothing but a positive experience with MDG and they quality is exactly what I wanted and paid for. With regards to Katies comments, I have forwarded your complaint to, you should register your complaint there as they have established relationships with all the major brands in Canada! Hope that helps :)

  • St
      15th of Jul, 2007
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    I too have had some problems with MDG. They do tend to stretch the truth about their offers and what they include in the computer packages, just to get you in the door and then comes the upsell. I have also had issues with my hard drive which they will not warranty because it is a transient problem and they say that they can't make the problem occur. I had to have my hard drive wiped clean and re-install all of the software. MDG supplies the software with the computer but not the drivers, so the software is useless if you don't know enough where to get the drivers from. It ended up costing me $250 before taxes, to re-install everything that originally came with the computer and I was stuck to let MDG do the work because they had the drivers. They also grabbed another $25 to clean the dust from inside the housing which, they said, was not covered in the $250 quote that was given to me over the phone. Most companies that are successful today walk the edge of truth in their advertising and business ethics and the more I hear about MDG, they certainly walk very very close to the line and steps over that line more often than I am willing to accept. I will never buy another system from them!!!

  • Me
      2nd of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I was a tech at an independent store and our local MDG dealer would purchase many parts from us as MDG has poor quality parts. If one of his customers came in the store while he was there I heard notthing but good about him. They would even laugh when they found out what he was up to in my store. Like I said tho, this is only 1 dealer...dunno about the rest but I build all my own computers :P Better quality but u gotta know what youre doing

  • Ro
      3rd of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I basically had the same problem with my computer. Would not boot, only after several attempts. This issue did not start until my 2 year extended warranty was about to expire and I took it to MDG to just have it service and cleaned under the extended warranty. which they told me I should when I first purchased this machine. Upon arrival at MDG, He plugged it in and it would not boot, after several attempts he finally got it to work. He said it is probably just a piece of dust in it making it malfunction. He clean out the dust and said you have a lot of spyware on it, which could also be the problem of not booting up. He said removal of spyware is $85.00 plus taxes and it is something that you can not do yourself and is not covered under warranty. So stupid me said remove it and I paid the man. He unplugged the computer, put it in the box and sent me home. Without even trying to restsrt to see if the booting problem was resolved.
    After getting it home, I plugged it in and of course it wood not boot up. Before going back I called one of the other MDG stores and they said it sounded like the motherboard. I took it back and told him that I had talked with one of his other stores and they said it sounded like the motherboard. He said it could not be the the motherboard, but probably the power supply. He installed a new power supply and still nothing, would not boot up at all now. He said while it is not the power supply that is a brand new one I just installed. You will have to leave it here. Few days past and I called and talked to the manager, so he claimed. He said it is the power supply. I said it can't be the power supply, you just instaled a new one, he said yes it is. Call you tomorrow, of course no call came. A few days later I get in contact with them, They said it is the pwer supply and the motherboard. I t will be ready tomorrow for you. Call you tomorrow. Few days pass, I get in contact with them again. Sorry we don't have yours in stock but should be here on the truck tomoorrow. I said should or will be? He said will be. Called next day, truck has not arrived. Called next day, truck does not come anymore on the day they told me it would be there. Finally the next day the truck arrives, no motherboard. They said we have one here but it is the next model up from yours which would be an upgrade and you can have it at our cost $69.00. After 14 days of hell, no computer, I said go ahead. I called the next day and it was finally ready. Went to pick it up and was told the motherboard was under warranty, but I had to pay for the upgrade $69.00. Also the power supply is not under warranty and that is another $79.00 plus taxes. Now they ask would you like us to save the data from your old motherboard, I said sure. He says that will be another $479. I said forget that, took my computer, paid the $69 & $79 and ran for the door. I, to this day do believe that there was anything wrong with the power supply. Last time I shop "MDG"
    What ever happened to there in and out turn around one day guarantee????

  • Ja
      10th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    From the Previous complaint i would say MDG is just a group of scam artists. I have read complaints from SEVERAL websites. Those who complain all get people with the same names. odd...wouldn't you say? Anyways as for this last guy, "Ron" Data is not stored on the motherboard. It's all in the hardDrive, Motherboards don't have storage, Not to mention any other computer company will clean a computer hardDrive from viruses and restore all data for around 100 bucks. Good thing you ran!

  • Ga
      17th of Nov, 2007
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    Do Karen Peters and Eugene Farber, owner and Director of MDG know that their customers are being treated badly? Do they care? How do you reach them? MDG at the store level will not tell you who owns the franchises so you are left complaining to someone that has you completely tuned out and lies to get you out the door or off the phone. Customer service is a waste of time and I agree with the previous blogger that Allison must be on crack. I phone her every second day and have to reintroduce myself, restate my problem and I am told that they can’t find my computer or do not know what is going on. The company policy must state: “act surprised, show concern, deny…deny….deny…….”

    They will not tell you where their Head Office is (Oakville) and when I was told to pack up my computer and deliver it to HO, I said no, because then any damage would be my responsibility. I told them that I would package it up and deliver it myself but they would not give me the address. If I had used a courier service (as they suggested) where do I tell them to deliver the computer? Just drive around Ontario until you see an MDG sign.

    We spent over $1800 for our desktop computer and put on a full 3-year extensive warranty package as well. What for? The warranty only covers the hardware and oddly everyone’s problem seems to be with software.

    Twelve days ago we took our computer in for service. We could not get on the Internet (dial-up service). They told us it would be about three days before it would be fixed. We run an international not-for-profit so we need it back asap. Three days later we were in Newmarket so we decided to stop in and see how things were going. They had not even looked at the computer yet. I guess it doesn’t matter if you have several thousand people depending on you for pain information or if you just use your computer to check your e-mail, it is all the same in MDG’s eyes. Ever heard of triage, MDG?

    Four days later I called and they said that the modem in my computer was old. I told them that they must have put an old one in, because they built the computer for us in the fist place. I should have mentioned that this is the second time the computer has been in for repairs. The first time they told me I had blown the power supply and it wasn’t covered under warranty. I paid a few hundred bucks for that repair and now wonder if I should have?

    After they realized I knew something about computers, they then called and said that I did not have any virus protection. I said that I have a ‘purchased’ AVG virus protection account and he said that they were free on the Internet now and it would not protect our computer because the definitions were out of date. I said that it was up-to-date on Monday when we brought it in and if he had turned the computer on over the past four days it would have automatically gone on line and searched for updates. I have this set up to update daily. He then told me that AVG is junk and that he would have to put on another virus program software at my expense. They also state that Norton is junk and if you put in on your computer they will void your warranty. I think I’ll pass that little tidbit on to AVG and Norton and let their lawyers deal with it. Now it has moved from a hardware problem to a software problem. What a surprise.

    After a few heated words (from both sides) I told him to stop repairs and I would be in to pick it up. I then called head office and talked to Allison. She told me that she would have the computer sent to head office for repairs. Five days later I called head office to find out about the computer and I got Stephanie this time. She told me that the computer is still in Newmarket and no one had said to bring it to head office. I lost it and hung up on Stephanie, as she was not listening to me. She called back a few minutes later and talked to my wife and told her that she would have the computer picked up sometime the next week. (Fourteen days later, it is still at the store in Newmarket.)

    Today I called and talked to Sandy (the store manager) and he knew absolutely nothing about what had transpired. Unbelievable! He told me that the AVG program I had was not good enough and that he could check into it and see just what it would take to get it up and running again. He told me that he would get back to me today. When he didn’t, I called back 4 hours later and talked to a new voice and told them to stop everything and put my computer by the front door desk and that I would be in on Monday and take it somewhere else to get fixed. After reading everything that I have read and gone through all that I have, how can I trust them to do the job right? I will find another repair shop and use the services of someone that I can trust.

    I will never buy another computer from MDG and I will spread the word with the hope of preventing more victims of these fraud artists. I am also going to find a good class action lawyer as there appears to be enough irate MDG customers to launch a class action. Maybe that way we can get compensated for their questionable repairs and our loss of time, loss of business, etc.

    Why anyone would want to conduct a business this way defies logic.

  • Jo
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    Eugene Farber, yes he does know, as retired MDG salesrep i can tell you.

    He mets all the new reps and explains them exactly how it works.

    Let me explain a little bit how it works :

    Ads : if you check well, many parts on the CPU systems are missing, you think they are not, but they are.
    Bold things are generally things the salesrep will ask you to change or wont sell you .

    Ex : Free upgrade memory 1g to 2g.

    yay a free upgrade of 1g! never got one asking me : Hey why didnt you just advertise with the 2g, if it is free put it on directly. Nope! thats the trick. First that brings in Customers inside store, second of all, thats where the salesrep does it job. Commonly they will argue by : ok thats a good investment to upgrade to 2g and you do well ==> customer feels that this is important.
    Then : Now let explain why we offer that upgrade for free, the memory we include (1g) is faster than the one you upgrade, we still have a HUGE stocks of those, so we offer customers to get them, but unfortunately the speed is slower. So i can assure you that it wont worth it, but thats your choice...

    If you that choice, trust me people thinks twice and keeps the 1G, or gets an offer for the 2G ( extra cash)


    Etc.. i can tell you more about their sales tricks... but thats a lot to say...

  • Li
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    They are the worst i gave them my laptop for the second time to fix and they lost the item and telling me that there isn't anything that they can do, maybe someone in my house picked it up. I said if someone picked it up must have being them because i don't have it since last August 2007. I said someone in my house picked it up and i said my 13yrs old son did not pick it up because he doesn't even know where you are and every time i call someone will call me back and no one did. They are a rip off twice within two months the laptop broke down, they should be shut down permanetly or place a warnng about them.

  • It
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    i bought i computer from MDG i think i got taken, it was my fist time buying a computer and i was impulsed b an ad lol. neways i was wondering if anyone could tell me if infact i got had,

    1 gig or ram
    250 whatever of ram
    radeon 2600 512mb video card
    intel pentiom 4 processor 3.4 gGhz
    19" monitor
    mouse key board ect.. and vista of course

    $1250.00 dollers 1 year ago

    am i a fool?

  • Da
      22nd of May, 2008
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    My name is Daniel Johnson and I recently made a purchase with MDG Computers, and I am appalled by the way the company has treated me and my business with them.

    On the afternoon of May 6, 2008 I called the company after seeing a commercial on television to inquire about a high end computer for use of high power audio software. My inquiry was quickly turned into a high pressure sale, This salesmen had promised me delivery within the week and emailed me pages of documents to sign and fax back with signatures for obvious credit inquires. I complied at my own time and expense filled out the forms and acquired all my personal banking information and faxed them over assured the order would be processed quickly. Soon after I called them to confirm all the information had been received, he confirmed and said that they would deposit and withdraw an amount of money into my account to insure that it was indeed my account. So on the morning of may 7, 2008 an Electronic Funds Transfer was made to my account by mdg computers for the amount of $0.42 into my bank account then shortly after an Electronic Funds Transfer of $0.30 was taken out of my bank account. At first this seemed a minor incontinence and I again got in touch with them and confirmed the amounts then they proceeded to withdrawal a down payment of $120.00 out of my account, and again assured me my computer would arrive with in days.

    So they got the 120$ and I felt at ease to be done with this process and was looking forward to receiving my new computer. The weekend went by and I called them to make an inquiry with the delivery date, Having in mind this is after they took my $120.00 and no shipment was made, he said they needed more information and requested a Government document mailed to my address or a letter from my bank stating my account and address. I had moved out to whitby from my grandmothers in Toronto and still receive allot of my mail there since it is still a mail able address and had no real mail to send them over. I was already frustrated that I was lied to and promised my computer within days of my down payment. I then told them I was not interested anymore due to all the inconveniences and he argued that the computer was ready to be shipped and if I would just fax over this information it would be on the way. Let it be known I had requested at that point to get my money back due to the lack of proper service. But then again I reluctantly complied due to the fact he would not let the sale go and promised satisfaction. I then went to the bank asked them to print me a copy of my account with my address Photo copied my drivers licence and payed to fax it all over. Then I called to confirm it had arrived and they said it had not. Buy this point I was fed up! He convinced me to go back to the store were I had faxed it and have them send another one. I then went to the store and demanded a free fax since the last one went through but there records indicated it went through fine. I refused to pay another dime to send a fax to them and called him back to cancel one more time. And when I called and threatened to end the account he put me on hold and came back on to say oops he had found the fax, This is after the fact he had me run down to the store cause a fuss about the fax! I was furious. I wanted nothing to do with the company but again they patronised me to continue. and then asked for a letter from my employer leaving me with no choice but to get one.

    They already had my money at this point! I never would have sent it to them if I knew this was the way they did business. Again I was told the all was well the computer was on its way. after a couple days I called to inquire one more time this is almost 2 weeks of this nonsense, and say there going to have to ship my computer to my grandmas in Toronto because It was an address on my licence!! I am the customer and I should have a right to decide were I want my computer. After another infurating argument I just told them to ship the damn thing to my grandmas and I will figure out how to pick it up, AGAIN! I was promised a couple of days by them on thursday may 15th. I had to inconvenience my mother to wait around for the delivery and still nothing! I called this morning of May the 22 2008 and inquired with the delivery dept, and was told they were waiting on a part, but wait this is a computer I was told was ready nearly 3 weeks ago. I had had enough I called them and he just could not get it I wanted my money back and to be done with this circus of a company. they have said they are keeping my down payment and its in the contract but they never deliverd nothing but a headache they never complied with there end of the deal and I dont deserve to be treated this way after all the patients I displayed. No one at the company no matter who I called would offer any assistance to my refund.

  • Ch
      10th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchased an mdg computer two years ago and I wish I could go back and do it all over again. This company has the most disprespect for there customers it sickens me. Apprently if you finance your computer MDG occassionally does updates without your permission. And if MDG cannot access your computer the next time you reboot your computer an error will come up giving you a platform ID number. Where now you have to call the tech line and give them this number and then they give you a million digit number to type in. This has got to be the most annoying thing ever, expecially when it happens three times in one week. I have one person telling me it is an update MDG needs to do and another person telling me that it is an anti theft device and every time you unplug your computer it will do this. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...what if this was a lap top and not a desk top???

    This company sucks!!!

  • Da
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    i need a new platform id expired key...mdg has cut off my computer...its not working it says that platform id has expired...i need a new one has anyone got a few code for me contact me at please..i cannot access my computer...thank you...

  • St
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    I have had a issue with my MDG for years. It will sometimes turn itself off/restart itself. and the graphics card isreally messed up, i cant run any programs that need more than the minimum requirement.

    MDG = Mostly Damaged Goods

  • Md
      14th of Feb, 2010
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    mdg computers are crap ihave nothing good to say about their computers and there sevice. I bought a mdg computer a few years ago, I didn't know to much about computers at that time. about a year later after some reserch I realize the computer i bought did not have the proper procsser that i ordered(i have a 2.8 pentium d when it was supposed to be a 2.66 intel core 2 duo) so i called them they tried to convince me that it was the right one. so i just left it alone I didn't want the hassel of going to court. Now i have the computer almost paid and they keep shut my windows down and i have to call them all the time for a new platform ID. when i call to get it i get the same awnser... You have to call finace department because theres a problem with you account no being paid. this always happens on friday and saturday when the finance department is closed. I have never missed a payment and im not behind. really and one who wants to buy a mdg computer will be a millon % better off to go to staples or walmart to buy a better computer for less then half the price

  • Bi
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    Criminal. White collar crime by uneducated pawns answering phones. They hire kids to run the semi-offices, that way they can deny responsibility by saying the "kid" made a mistake, yer honor.
    The motherboards are refurbished, out dated crap, the internal cables are used. All the software is "FREEWARE". No one but MDG charges for it. You can get it for free on many legal web sites. RIPOFF> The power supply can barely run the cd--don't try to play a DVD!
    There is NO video card. NONE.
    No HD. No DVI.
    The connections are there, but they are fake (sort of).They work but only at the lowest level. The resolution is limited to 480x600! It's all VGA!!! DON'T BUY A HDMI CABLE.
    If you smell smoke, you know you bought a MDG computer.
    Inform your home insurance company immediately that you own a faulty power source (your MDG computer) and it could cause a fire anytime.
    They will, of course, raise your cost to insure because you own an MDG computer.
    go to best buy or future shop. if it stops working at least they have a physical location to complain to and real employees AND...they will listen to you...and really try to win you back.
    MDG just wants the next sucker.
    They, MDG have gone from having real stores, to some stores, to becoming kind of reclusive, to now being almost unknown. THANK GOD!
    DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO MDG COMPUTERS. EVEN AFTER YOU GET YOUR so called working computer. it won't work

  • Bi
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    I very much aGree. I am a 67 year old grandmother and I have never heard such foul mouthed children!
    I called MDG after my new computer I spent over $3000.oo for stopped working after 2 months. I paid extra for in home service. They sent a nice young boy to my house who told me my computer was old and I needed to buy a new one right now or I would lose all of my files. Nice home service/sales!
    I gave him my credit card. My bank called me the next day and told me my savings was gone. GONE.

  • Me
      16th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    2 weeks now...I ordered 2 laptops and one tv... for xmas presents for 3 boys - 12 -14 -15...
    I'm cash poor due to a provincial gov't re-structuring...GOD - I hope that I do not have any of these issues or I will definately be the worst ever santa ...

  • Je
      26th of Sep, 2012
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    STILL after 8 years I am getting phone calls from them. I can't begin to explain how frustrated I am at their lack of customer service and business ethics. I frequently get phone calls at 7am for an account that I no longer have. When I ask about it, I get put on hold for at least 20 minutes and transferred numerous times until someone either tells me I've made a mistake, or they have.

    THEY HAVE!!! I can't stand this company and I'm appalled that they're still in business!

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