MDG ComputersTerrible company


I purchased an overpriced laptop from this company and right from the start of purchasing I was a little skeptical about my purchase. After about 8 months I noticed the power adapter connection at the back was getting pretty hot. I called MDG support and they told me I would have to drop it off for support. Within 2 weeks I had the machine at the store, I had only used it lightly to back up files and data before warranty repairs. The notebook basically gets to the point where if you touch the plug you will burn yourself, and I now notice that the plug is actually almost on fire and is clearly burnt. So I dropped the laptop for service at MDG and after 10 days called for the status, I was shocked that the store had no idea where my laptop was and someone was to call me back. After waiting for long at last I received a call after 5 days to tell me no warranty. I called them back and was told to write and escalation letter. I agreed and sent Escalation Email Regarding Laptop. But still no response so I sent second email regarding the status of my computer. After 5 days I received the call and was told the same thing I have been told at the store level regardless of my escalation. He tells me to call the store for the status and I refused. I ask him to call the store and deal with it. I dropped my laptop off for service and I want it back fixed. It's been 3 months all this is going on and can see no chances of getting my laptop back. Decide on your own whether they are the right one for the purchase.

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