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MDG Computers / Bad service

1 United States
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In October of 2008, My laptop which I had purchased through a MDG computers Television ad, had broken. It seems the hinges had siezed. (things that had never worked on the computer was the F3 key which turned the mouse pad on or off, the CD rom stopped working within a month of purchase as well.)When i tried to get service for this computer, they told me i would have to ship it back to them and they would work on it. My business centers around my laptop and could not send it back to them, so i worked with it the way it was, not needing the CD rom and using a piece of cardboard to cover the onboard mousepad. BUT I decided I would give them another shot, I ordered another Laptop computer. the end of November 2008. After going through their paperwork hoops the deal was finally made and apparently the computer had been shipped. and would be in within 7 to 10 days. The package was lost, for weeks. They couldn't find it and refused to resend another one. my husband also purchased a desk top computer from them around the same time as I did. they also lost one of those packages as well. the laptop from november was shipped with a bad AC adapter cord, it makes hissing sounds, when i called them to have it replaced. They told me i would have to ship back the system and they would fix it. Again my business continues to be ran by my laptop. after spend over $5000.00 there in the last 2 years you think they would just send out another adapter and what if the next one they send out also makes the sound? On top of having to speak to them 30 to 50 times since november for many issues concerning both products. the windows activation on the Desktop keeps expiring and I have to keep calling. The salesman for my laptop had such poor language skills that I had to keep getting another agent to help me understand.

When 1 computer is faulty after owning it, then it's a dud, and move on... BUT when you order 3 from the same company and you have problems with all 3 then there is an issue with the company!

I have contacted the company and told them I want to return all the products, they told me it is my choice but they would still go to collections and affect my credit rating.

So as a consumer I can not return the product and get my money back, like a normal business. So I continue to pay for faulty computers with even less Knowledgeable computer support staff.

In the future, I will not buy an MDG computer ever again. But this will in the end cost me thousands of dollars, because I am unable to get my money back or return the items.

(at the same time as I bought these 2 computers from MDG, I bought my children each a DELL laptop and yet to have problems with ANY aspect of those purchases.)


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