Mcgee Used cars / bait and switch

Mcgee used cars is a terrible dealership. They advertised a car on the internet and I called and they said it was available. I went down to look at the car 10 minutes later to be told the car had just been sold. I was bull and the guy tried to get to me look at a "similar car" and it was not even close to the one advertised. I called back and asked if the car was still available and did someone make a mistake. I was told chris was only using the computer system and it takes 24 hrs to update. After a week I noticed their computer system still had this car listed so I called back and was agian told the car was available only to go find out it wasn't. I was not happy with them and they acted like nothing had ever happened and I was the crazy one. Still trying to sell me a different car! This dealership list their prices really low to get you in and also changes them when you get in as I have learned as well. Don't trust this dealership, they are the worst of the worst.

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