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Mazda American Credit charges $3.67/day if you are late. In addition they charge late fees. They are taking customers cars if they are 15 days late. I have found out through people in this field that they are doing this to make money. If this is the only way they can make money then I guess business isn't too good. They did this before - took the car for a total of two payments. This time I didn't even owe two full payments but cleverly neglected to tell me that they added $60 in fees! Say no to Mazda!

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  • Ch
      Oct 12, 2008

    My husband brought me a Mazda 6 from All-Star Mazda Dealers at 209 N. Franklin Ave. Hempstead now I think they changed their name. They said we had to pay half cash and half credit. I have excellent credit. They gave us temporary registration. When the temporary registration expired the first time we went back to the dealership. At, first they said if you get a ticket they would pay. We insisted they give us another temporary. Even though both of us were suspicious by their negative attitude. Now, the second temporary registration is about to be expired the dealership said they under new owner and it's not their problem that the car's title was never filed in Albany. Mazda's American credit we signed a contract and must pay their loan off even though we do not own the car legally. No one can help us.

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  • Re
      Jun 21, 2010
    Mazda American Credit - Credit Reporting
    Mazda American Credit
    United States

    Mazda American Credit will screw you over. I contacted them after Hurricane Katrina with a hardship. They stated they would extend my loan my two months to help me out. Great! I made all of my payments for the remainder of the loan and just finished paying it off. Then I get an alert notice from myFico score watch system and they ended my loan with a notification to the credit reporting agencies - paid loan 2 months late and it dropped my score by 65 points. Previous to my last payment all my status notices were paid on time. I contacted them, they were so rude and basically stated it was my fault for pushing the two payments, even though I contacted them ahead of missing any payments and pre-arranged this with them. Never never buy a Mazda or use Mazda American Credit to secure your loan. Their customer service staff is mean, unfriendly and definitely does not reside in the USA because you can barely understand them.

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  • Jo
      Feb 01, 2011

    Mazda American Credit is a scam as far as I'm concerned. I bought a brand new car & was told as long as I had good standing credit with them made payments on time I would be approved through them or Ford since they are affilated on any vehicle no problem. I paid my car off early by almost 2yrs. so after a couple of yrs. with no car payment I figured I would go look at a new Mazda3. The dealership showed them to me so I found one I liked. We went to do the paperwork & he comes back with an insane amount! Asking me for $550.00 a MONTH for 72 months on a $24, 000 car!!! Thats almost $40, 000 when it's paid off!!! Plus they were asking for $2, 000 down which brought it to almost $42, 000!!! On a loan that was only $2, 000 more when I bought my first car from them. I paid $2, 000 total in interest the first car. All I can say is thank you Mazda for doing me a favor! I went & got a Subaru STI & I love my car never again will I EVER DO BUISNESS WTH MAZDA!!!

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  • Al
      Feb 15, 2011
    Mazda American Credit - Disappearing payment
    Mazda American Credit
    United States

    I purchased a Tribute and financed 70% of the price. I was making payments through my Bank of America bill paying services. After about 10 payments, I get a letter from Mazda saying I missed a payment. When I called, the rep said that she saw a payment posted to my account and then reversed a few days later. They then asked for me to show them proof that I made the payment. I asked to speak to her supervisor asking why the payment was reversed, he blew me off several time. Luckily, BofA called them, and then the supervisor quickly said no problem, they found the payment. Seems like a scam they use for people who don't keep good records. I bought a new car a few months after this and traded in the Mazda, I will never buy a Mazda product again.

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