Maybank Credit Cardunethical behaviour

To whom it may concern,

I just would like to cut short about the case of my husband. He is Maybank credit card holder for more than 10 years but only few months back because of the downfalls in his business, he was late for some payment but instead his outstanding balance is just less than 10K. From that time onward, there were few so called 'officer' to attend to his parents house and called non stop to collect payment like gangster, even walked in to his parents house while he was not at home. That's too much! When he called maybank they only told the case was handling by the collection company, which mean gangster company? or? but even there is no more outstanding (he cleared the outstanding in one shot), but he was refused to redeem his rewards points throughout all this year? he called to Maybank hotline but just asked him talk to the collection company but that is gangster and not a proper organisation at all, they talked and even threatening him for many times. I got him to tell them he will definitely report to the police if they continue by threatening him. He definitely never wanted to use maybank credit card anymore but all the points must be redeemed, there is no way to just obsolete in such a unfair way to their consumer. I wish there will be someone from relevant department can assist further. This is a bad image for Maybank and I believe he is not the only one who had this horrible experience.

Thank you.

Contact: Chen - [protected] [protected] (he still keep the message from collection company.

Oct 11, 2016

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