Maybank Auto Finance Kuala Terengganucar grant obtainment after settlement

I have settle the remainder of my car loan on 11 April 2017 at Maybank Auto Finance Kuala Terengganu (MBKT). My car grant is in Maybank Jelutong, therefore require request from KT and process time before I can obtain it. Staff in-charge overthere said that all will be taken care off and I just need to call them in 2 weeks time to see whether my car grant has arrive in MBKT or not. So I call them after 2 weeks and they check it is not arrive yet. And I wait for another 2 weeks and call them back. They said they need time to check and will call me back. They never did. So I call back the next day and they say the same thing "will check, will call back, etc etc". I did not wait for their call and call Maybank Auto Finance Jelutong (MBJ) instead. The staff over there explain to me that I need to e-mail a request to MBJ to send my grant to MBKT before I can collect it from MBKT. No body in MBKT told me about this thing and I need to wait the whole month to know about this (fortunately I call MBJ, otherwise maybe I'll need to wait for ever more). I am so frustrated since 1 whole month is wasted due to MBKT staff don't know the proper SOP for obtaining the Car Grant from other branch. I hope that this miscommunication can be rectified a.s.a.p since it really tainted Maybank reputation (which already tainted looking at all these complaint).

May 08, 2017

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