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Petaling jaya, Malaysia

17 OCT 2018
IPTV account no: [protected]
The maxis boardband internet speed in my IPTV package is stipulated 10MBPS costing RM 148 a month Of late i had been experiencing slow service in my download so much so its terminated midway I had used a speedtest on today and have recorded the speed as shown in screenshots as attached below
It can be seen from the resullts that the sped are much lower than stipulated in my acceptance of the IPTV package
another issus is that i am still being charged such high rate for such low speed
The market rate is RM 89 at 30MBPS and this is from maxis
Can i opt for this package in lieu of the low speed 10BMPS
thank you

Maxis Communications
Maxis Communications

Oct 17, 2018

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