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On Apr. 27, 2009, I ordered 3 books from within their provision of a 30-day TRIAL membership for $79. This amount would be refunded if the membership were cancelled within 30 days. I cancelled the membership on May 25, 2009 AND received an email from them giving me a cancellation number. Subsequently, I was charged the $79 membership even though I had met the provisions of their trial.

I disputed this charge to American Express, and several months and many email complaints from me to AMEX later, AmEX notified me yesterday (including a bunch of official-looking papers from that company in their letter) FOR THE SECOND TIME that the "company" supported its claim for the membership fee stating that "this customer NEVER contacted our customer service department to cancel the membership."

I'm furious with AmEx for falling into this scam again. I sent them the scamming company's email cancellation notice to me with the cancellation number and THEY STILL say the company wins this one! Well, well...I've always thought that AmEx was on MY side...I guess I was wrong. I'm opening the case again today (for the third time) with AmEx even though they politely told me that "enough is enough" and it was NOW my responsibility to contact the company and try to negotiate something with them directly. Oh NO!!!I have several Master's degrees which must indicate I have SOME brains!

I'm going to open the case again today with AmEx (whom cardholdlers CANNOT contact by email, by the way) and send them all the cancellation documentation. If this time, AmEx "rules" in favor of the scamming company, I'm gonna SUE!!!

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  • Jb
      Aug 04, 2010

    Good for you. I too got a fraudulent charger from MAX LOYALTY LLC and am now disputing it with Am Express. I hope my case goes smoother than your did.

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