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This letter is in regards to treatment received at Max Hospital Setka.

On July 9th, I along with my brother walked my mother in to Max Hospital for a nephrology check-up. I chose to bring her to there because she had been there in 2007 for treatment of kidney stones. Additionally, she had been under the care of Dr. Alka Bhasin since that time.
After her check-up, we were told that she needed to have additional tests performed and we would need to leave her there for a couple of days. She was admitted to the HDU for those tests to be performed. My mother requested that the tests be postponed for a couple of days so she could remain at home with me (her daughter visiting from the US) until I departed on July 12th. Dr. Bhasin insisted that the tests be done immediately.
In just those few days her health was detoriating. Dr. Bhasin assured me that she would be well taken care of so I left to come back to my home in the U.S.
Under Dr. Bhasin’s care, my mother has developed Steven Johnson’s disease and pnuemonia. Additionally, she has had multiple colonoscopies, a sigmoidoscopy, has been put on oxygen, a feeding tube and intubated.
I have been in regular contact with Dr. Bhasin asking her how we should proceed. She has told me multiple times that “the battle is not over yet.” Additionally, as my mother’s condition worsened I asked Dr. Bhasin what she would do if this was her mother. Her response was “that’s a tough question to answer” but then reassured me that the battle was not yet over.

I feel that we have been taken advantage of as a family. To date we have paid the hospital almost $37, 000 U.S. dollars. We had an instance where my mother’s medication was stopped because we had not totally cleared all of amount due. I believe this to have worsened my mother’s condition. While I understand that the hospital is a business I still feel it is completely unethical that her medications be withheld from her because of money. We have paid all monies we were asked to pay and continue to pay per all of the doctor’s ordered tests or procedures.
I believe that she has received sub standard care while in your facility. She walked in your facility 30+ days ago and we are now being told to just take her to some cheap nursing home to live out her days.
My mother has become a science project in Max Hospital while we have paid for it. Our mom will never again be the woman she was and we have to now move on and live with the fact that we may have made a very wrong decision to put her in this hospital.

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  • Su
      Apr 28, 2013

    I have had a similar experience where my sister had been advised multiple tests and her attitude towards the patient is very care a damn.She does not respond to phone calls and messages.

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