Max Bupa Health Insurance / max bupa health insurance - fraudulent practices to get policies from senior citizen.

This is regarding Max Bupa Health Insurance. They have no checks on their DSA / Agents and they provide all false information to get policies done.

This has happened with my mother, who is a senior citizen and they have done health policies fradulently taking advantage of my Late father. The details to the communication are being provided below.

This is regarding the above mentioned Policy No - [protected] in the name of Mrs. Iva Mukherjee, my mother.

It has been observed that, the same policy is been done with a fraudulant intention and for that I am looking ahead for a legal course of action with the person / persons involved from the DSA and their respective phone numbers.

As you can understand, this is not at all good for your organisation reputation and is hampering your goodwill.

However, the purpose of writing this mail is to understand and seek clarification from your organisation.

1) Would like to know the exit policy and the amount that we get as a refund for the same
2) My mother was told that in case there is no claim in the period of the policy then the entire sum of premuim is refundable. Would like to know the amount of truth behind this statement
3) For renewals, I would like to stop any standing instructions given whatsoever to any bank, to deduct the premuim for forthcoming years of renewal.

I would like to hear from you at the earliest and in detail.

Warm Regards
Abhijit Mukherjee

S/o Mrs. Iva Mukherjee

Sep 16, 2014

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