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1 United States Review updated: will not let me cancel my membership and i had only filled out half of the question. So did even finish and then changed my mine and now that will not let me cancel i know for sure now that i will never sign with them i am having trouble already. Thank God i did not give them my calling card number WOW!

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  • Br
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    Did you try to contact customer service? We don't want profiles on the site that belong to members who are not there by choice.

  • Ra
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    In fact, I like to thank you for your to grant me a chance to a member of Mate1.

  • Jo
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    I am angry with your company. I did not receive notice that there was a renewal coming up.
    I can renew my membership on monday 3 December 2007 and we hopefully will be back to normal.
    There are 6 flashing emails on that site can you please release them
    as you already have my details which I have used several times before and will be using again.
    Thank you in response to a positive answer
    John Rebeschini

  • Mu
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    pls i will like to councell my subcription frm nw on.please,regard my note.

  • Ma
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    I'm actually wondering if has permission from Jenn Sterger and her other FSU lady friend to advertise themselves using her pictures.

  • Pa
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    I just noticed my debit card was about $50 lower than it should be. I called the bank and found out Mate1 had charged me for full membership, I guess 1 month's worth, after I had paid $3 for temporary membership. After the 3 days were up, they just debited me for $45 more. STUPID ME!

    At this site (below) I read about how they pay girls $100/week to be Online Ambassadors, which means they have to write emails at guys 2 to 4 hours a day. The emails are FAKES!

    /URL removed/

  • Al
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    I have been trying 2 cancel my membership with mate1 and come 2 a dead end. I would like all my information to be cancelled as of now please. you are making it very hard for me 2 use your site as I can never log on anyway. Thankyou if it is done straight away. regards Ally.

  • Lo
      23rd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I live in Cali and got pretty freaked out when I read your complaint. I am 2 days into my subscription so I was like, "Oh no!" I jumped on Skype because all email coms take 3 days. Someone answered and told me I could cancel right now. Then they proceded to tell me how to cancel before i get billed not only for trial but also if I decided to keep it a month. She was very helpful and covered all my options which were easy to follow. So, I have to say you had some bad luck getting a ### on the phone.

    76 hits in 2 days. Sweet. l8tr, L

  • Ma
      30th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please stop all text messages that are being sent to my mobile phone.thank you

  • Ma
      30th of May, 2008
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    please stop all text messages being sent to my mobile phone.

  • Do
      16th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I want to cancell my account IMMEDIATELY...DO NOT debit my account anymore. I've called before and you're still doing it.

  • Ah
      6th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    i would like to cancell my membeship thankyou

  • Bl
      28th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Look... If all you people want to stop getting scammed by these sites... just buy those prepaid credit visas for 50 ro 100 bucks at any grocery store. I rarely give out my real debit card for such transactions... Its ALWAYS worked for me. The cards have like a 5 dollar activation fee and last for a year.

    I use the prepaid visas/matercards etc.. for

    my webhost payment
    online education sites
    internet purchases
    and other subscriptions

    == safe safe safe !!!

    Try it ... And NEVER be outraged AGAIN !!!

  • Ir
      21st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Speaking only as a man looking for women on Mate 1 (I assume the other side is similar)...

    1) Online ambassadors are clearly marked as such. I did not know they were paid. I guess I won't try to date them now...

    2) the three day trial specifically states that you must deactivate within exactly 3-dayss or be charged the monthly fee.

    3) When my first month ran out my account was suspended and I had to go and authorize an additional month.

    4) the site rules discourage private communication using email to the extent that they remove anything in a traditional email format. There are ways around this but it is intended as a safety barrier and results in missed connections for people Mostly those trying top pull off a quick intro on a free account. You do not have access to your mailbox using a free account so not much except a flirtation can be accomplished.

    $50 is a lot for this service monthly. There are a ton of webcam girls trying to make a living off the other members. You have to be stupid not to learn to spot them in an instant.Basically if the photo (and all the fakes have photos) looks like a professionally taken picture of a porn star or a supermodel it's fake!.
    If the same photo appears on multiple profiles they are either fake or someone submitted more than once hoping to improve the odds. With a little reading it isn't hard to tell

    There are also foreign dating/matchmaker services that post multiple profiles in order to match their clients with people here. Typically they all use the same pidgin-English blurb. They could be doing this with Mate1's blessing since those don't seem to get removed and I reported lots. You learn that uneducated or just plain stupid people here misspell words but use correct terms and syntax. Non-English speakers use strange terms and get the order of their sentences all screwed up. Pretty easy to tell. There are a fair number of Russian ladies on the site. Some Asians mostly from Island nations a few Brits and the odd Canadian. Mostly Eastern Southeastern and Midwestern Americans. Fewer prospects for West Coast or anyone west of Texas really. I'm in California and I get more contacts from New York City that anywhere else > A crucifix and a little Garlic keeps me safe. ; D

    I don't work for Mate1 and receive no consideration for writing this. I'm just a member stating what I experience using the site.

    A. Lamb

  • Ci
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I want off! It logs me in auomatically. I hate this site. no privacy!!!

  • Ci
      19th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    It is impossible to cancel your membership on this site. They deliberately set it up this way so they can continue taking money from your account. I advised anyone even remotely interested to stay away. G.Alfano

  • Eu
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    I wrote something ver similar!

  • Eu
      25th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This isn't the half of it. As I said before, in the time I was a member, I never came across one legitimate female respondent. All were out to scam, cheat, and deceive me in one way or another. This is the worse kind of scam since they are praying on others' feelings; and I'm telling you, I felt ver stupid to have spent all the time, effort and energy writing to who knows who. A man or a two hundred pound gorilla, it's all the same, it's all a deception.

    Basically, you are writing to someone who picture doesn't correspond to them, who live elsewhere from where they have posted (how about Bangkok or Rhiad, or Daccar). Usually, a quite attractive, in my case, female, who as it turns out, could be anyone. Out of all of my contacts, no one legitimate poerson ever responded. They all, and some I came to find out much later, were frauds. Anothey ploy comes from "females" aged twenty something who were trying to persuade me to go to their Yahoo address, or install a webcam. Oh, and I was asked for money twice. And here you are, revealing many things about yourself, some quite personal, hoping to find your "ideal" match! No such thing fellas! This is despicable. I don't suppose Mate1 shares all the responsibility for this kind of conning, but these are people, who they "endorse" as Ambassadors that turned out to be conning me just like the others. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! So they are in a way perpetuating this cruel game. Then there are those people who gets their kicks, and maybe some cash, out of praying on people who are not aware of these scams and believe they are correspoonding with legitimate people. It is a sad refection on our times that so many people who lack moral fiber, have found that these sites represent for them a viable means to defraud, swindle, and victimize those who are legitimately looking for that special companion with whom quite possible they intend to spend the rest of their life. The end of an illusion. No words can describe the cruelty of their game. What I do know is that this has to end, and end immediately!

  • Ge
      14th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I only gave the information they looked for but, I'm glad I did'nt give out the information they required for payments. I have no way of upgrading because I don't have a mastercard, or visa and I'm glad in one sense because I would of took it to the next step by giving away my personal information. I found it funny I was not viewing people I know around my community and I believe it is a waste of time and money. A person has a better chance finding someone at a bar or club, at lease you know who they are.

  • Un
      29th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes is not a very good site for finding true dates. You can find many women who want to get you to sign up for web cam conversations or send money to them so they can buy a plane ticket from another country to come to you. Ridiculous...

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