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Instead of going to Fendi direct, my partner and I thought we would try as the £500+ trainers she wanted to buy me were £30 cheaper. Here the review of our unpleasant experience.

I successfully placed an order on 15th January for two pairs of trainers and received order confirmation email. The next day they cancelled it without giving a reason. When I called to see why, they told me it was probably due to my Amex card being declined. Well, that was not the case because I could see the transaction on my statement as the payment went through.

They told me to place an order again, so I placed another order using a different VISA card and got the email confirming the order. Looked at my bank statement and another £791 was debited from my card by Then an email asking for photographic ID documents arrived.

In this day and age when ID theft is a major problem and a real threat with so many companies being data breached, should not be asking customers to send such documents over the insecure email. Surely I was only buying two pairs of trainers, not applying for mortgage. In fact you have to be crazy to send your passport or driving licence to someone who already has your credit card details, home address and email details, even if they claim they will delete the document upon verification. Deleting a document does not mean it cannot be recovered from the email and from wherever it is saved during the verification. To help retailers card verification the card industry has introduced 3d secure technology, which does not seem to be using, which in itself is a big minus for customer shopping experience.

Naturally I told them I was not comfortable sending my ID but have attached my Barclaycard statement showing the debits to my credit card. I also told them that if ID is a problem I am happy to collect and pay from their store in person.

The next day they cancelled the order as my card statement was insufficient ID and emailed me to say they are unwilling to help and send the items to store for me to pay and collect. After so much wasted time, now my card is blocked with £1582 of debits for up to 5 days, luckily not an issue as I have a large credit.

I guess this is what happens when your business grows and you stop caring about customers. Needless to say I will not be shopping at again. Shopping experience and customer service Ruth and Tom Chapman would be ashamed of if they knew it was happening at their online store.

Jan 18, 2017

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