Match.comsubscription overcharged and failure to give alert of subscription renewal

G Sep 25, 2017

1. did not give me notifications alert of membership subscription renewal date prior to the due date. I have wanted to update my profile and do different subscription. How do I get full refund to start everything as I wanted to? I was not aware my due date was 19/09/2017
2. My membership subscription was overly charged by an amount of 113.94£ in comparison to earlier amounts 56.94£ for 6 months without notification. This is confirmed on the bank statement on my debit card. Once again, this is unacceptable.
3. I don't want automatic subscription billing system, I want to control when I make payments. Please

  • Updated by G s d · Sep 25, 2017

    Firstly, they lure you into a forceful automatic billing system without forewarning of due date of renewal so they can debit your account with excessive charges that you are unaware of until you check your bank statements and when you reach out to customer service line, after undue delay, you only hear voices like robots just repeating the justification for the extortion without a consideration to your complaints. This is corporate exhortion, taking undue advantage of customers vulnerability.
    Unlike other dating site, where you are given a week or few days prior notice, thinks a onetime message for 6 months or more months subscription should be enough to keep you informed on daily basis, as if there is nothing you have to do but keep thinking when is going to charge you for renewal. Furthermore they think they can even charge you more than original price of subscription without a due warning as to what and how the increments took place. Dating site are now acting like Governmental authority and using the law wrongfully to justify their misdeeds.
    This is unacceptable according to the law of Contract, and consumer care policy where you give the buyer enough information to make an informed decision. We call it Caveat emptor ' let the buyer beware' - this is unacceptable in today's world

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