Mastercare / equipment damaged

Morning, emails was send I have been phoning and still no feedback to when my equipment is going to be fixed. I logged a call 27 Feb 2017 CAR/35739/706 my dishwasher was leaking and not working they came and the same day it was leaking more and still not working according. I phoned and email was send again to Nishelle and Denisha and Doreen and all they say is they will call me, well it's not 13 March 2017 and still no one phoned or came out to fix. I also logged a call the same day 27 Feb CAR/35735/77 for my lap top and also was emails was send to Nishelle, Denisha and was told again they will call me well its 13 March and still no one phone. I feel your service is pathetic and I will log or send an email on HelloPeter.

Regards Magriet Meyer

Mar 13, 2017

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