[Resolved] Massage Heights / Inappropriately touched during a massage

Atlanta, GA, United States

I was inappropriately touched during a massage at Massage Heights Buckhead on Sat 11/15. The massage felt very sexual in nature and I feel like the therapist took advantage of my relaxed state and had 1/2 of my breast exposed while he was "stretching my neck". He removed the sheet down to my bikini area and placed a thin towel over what felt like my nipples proceeded to rub my stomach and all up the sides of my body. Why did he have to have the sheets pulled down to my bikini area to "stretch my neck" and keep it down until the massage was over?? if you are laying on your back and your hands are over your head, that the sides of your breast are exposed. I was so ashamed, embarrassed and in shock I just left and did not say anything, but as mind processed what had just happened I felt more and more violated and disturbed, so 15 mins later I called the manager (Ms. Jo), she told me that is not their policy and they have zero tolerance and that an investigation would take place. I called APD (Atlanta PD) on sat and filled out a report on the incident and am awaiting a call back. 2 days later the Owner (Randy Marrow) told me that based on their investigation the massage therapist followed the rules, had no prior incidents on his file, that he was one of his top producing therapist and that I could cancel my membership. The owners' tone and words made me feel even more humiliated and helpless!! This is not right and how many other women has this happened too! I was violated and this man could be violating others all under the premises that he is a massage therapist for one of your franchises!! The Owner basically defended this therapist for violating my body and his code of ethics and told me to cancel my membership. This employee gets to keep his job and get a little slap on the wrist while I am left to pick up the emotional pieces of being violated! I have contacted the media and am in touch with an attorney.

  • Resolution statement

    The corp office contacted me and did their own investigation and have fired the therapist, as well as reporting him to the Board

Nov 17, 2015

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