Massage Envy / inappropriate behavior during massage

Elk Grove, CA, United States

On the early afternoon of October 9, 2018, I mailed the memo below to the Massage Envy in Elk Grove, California, but I have received no response, neither verbal nor written, as of today's date, 10/16/18. I would like to hear from the manager at Massage Envy Elk Grove-Florin Road, acknowledging that she received my memo. I would also like her written assurance that she has taken action to ensure that this type of inappropriate behavior will not take place again during a massage at her site. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this.
October 9, 2018
FROM: MARGARET DEMOTT P.O. Box 221309 Sacramento, CA [protected]

You and I have been playing phone tag since Friday, October 5. I received a message from you on our answering machine on Sunday, October 7, but was unable to return the call that day. Consequently, I have written this memo, which I will put in the mail to you today, in order to complain about a policy violation that took place the last time I had a massage at your site.

On Tuesday, October 2, I received a 90-minute massage from Raven at the Elk Grove-Florin Road Massage Envy location. During the last thirty minutes of the massage, one of Massage Envy's policies was violated twice.

When Raven had me turn face-up sixty minutes into the massage, she left a portion of my left breast uncovered, which I quickly covered up. A few minutes later, when she adjusted the blanket on the right side, she left a portion of my right breast uncovered, which I, again, covered up.

The digital wall chart posted in the room specifically shows which areas of the body are off limits for the masseur. Although Raven did not touch my breasts, she left portions of them exposed twice during the massage, which made me uncomfortable and which I had to correct. This is unacceptable to me because my breasts are private, off-limits body parts. In the eight years that I have received massages at a number of Massage Envy locations, before the negative experience on October 2, I never once had anything like this happen to me.

I would like assurance from you, the manager at the Elk Grove-Florin Road Massage Envy, that this will not happen again in accordance with Massage Envy's policy.

I am keeping a written record of this policy violation.

Thank you for your time.

Oct 16, 2018

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