Masonite Door Corporation / Do Not Honor Warranties, Use Any Excuse

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Do NOT Buy Masonite Doors, Terrible Customer Service & Attitude, And do NOT Honor there Warranty, Each time I prove there excuse is not valid, they make up a new one.

I purchased three new doors from Galligher & Huguely Lumber & Hardware last year. They get them from Broadwater Wholesalers in Pennsylvania (BWI) and they make the door frame, hang the door, add the hinges and door sweeps, and glass you ordered. BWI buys the actual door from Masonite Corp. in Florida. Both Masonite & BWI offer a Lifetime Warranty on the door I purchased. When I received the doors from Huguely, and they were installed, one was warped, so I called them. They came out to see it a few weeks later. Than they contacted BWI and they came out a few weeks later. I had painted the two doors a day or two after they were installed but not the warped door. I was told by Huguely that BWI told me not to paint the door for about 5 months to see if it warp back. After waiting the door was the same but by then the hinges on the doors were also rusted and the door sweeps were all broken. After arguing for months more, they finally sent a man to fix all the problems and order a new door which they came back and replaced a month later. Six months later the same door was warped again and the hinges on that door had rusted again. When I called BWI, they said they were not going to repair it again and refund my money and tell Huguely to sell me a different door and take thererdoors back. I said NO< these have a lifetime warranty and I do not want to have to pay again to have new doors installed. So I called Masonite and told them the door warped and put in a warranty claim. They asked for pictures at first but than said BWI was handling the issue, which I told them they were not and Masonite should warranty at least there door. I was informed at Masonite that a Ms Tinsley was now handling the claim and its being reviewed by there legal counsel. I asked why legal was involved in a warranty but they would not say. After a month, Masonite finally gave me an answer, stating since I did not paint the doors the same day they were installed, the warranty was void. They said I should go to the company who installed them improperly because they come with a sticker on the doors which state the doors must be painted the day of installation. I said BWI replaced this door, so why is my installer the blame, BWI installed it and didnt paint it. Even though there doors come primed which should be enough to keep the door from warping, they say they must be painted the same day they are installed. I told them it was painted the following day which was in 24 hours, but they are not caring. I also said there literature says it must be painted within 45 days of installation but they said it does not, but I have the literature. So far, they have done everything to NOT warranty there door. There is nothing in there warranty that says, if you buy a door from them it must be installed the next day or it cant be left out in the rain for a month before you install it. Masonite sells these doors already pre hung to Home Depot and Lowes, and they sit there not painted for months. If the painting instructions are not on the doors when they get them from Home Depot or Lowes, how would you know to paint them the same day. A homeowner may take longer to install a door and not finish for two days and not paint it to the week end etc because he works. It seems all three companies have conspired together not to honor there warranty. I would never tell anyone to buy from Masonite or BWI or Galligher & Huguely. I handle warranties every day in my business, and have never not honored a warranty. Even if the warranty is out of the warranty period a few days or week, I still would do what I can to help, but Masonite gives a Lifetime Warranty on the door I bought and because I did not paint it the same day it was installed, they are voiding all warranty. I sell wood furniture, and if a customer wants it without a finish, there is no warranty because they know wood can split or warp and they have no idea what a person may do to it before finishing it. But this is told to them in writing before they buy it. When I received the doors, I never saw any papers on the doors about painting them. Even in Home Depot or Lowes, people pull off stickers or they can fall off. They have no proof that these doors had any stickers on them. I ordered custom size doors and Huguely had me sign off on the dimensions, door swing etc but not the painting warranty. Don't Learn the Hard-way, Just DON'T buy Masonites or the Other two companies Products. The President of Galligher & Huguely sent me a statement which said. "They did not sell me those door unit's, I bought them from them".

Feb 28, 2013

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