Mary KayI am making a complaint over a pay arrangement made for the 199.00 travel bags

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I attended a "free facial" party with Melissa Simms and Crystal Rodgers. I purchased 2 travel bags. Melissa was also my boss at the time. Crystal is Melissa daughter. I was told during this party that i could make whatever pay arrangement i felt i could afford. I agreed to do $50 a month. Melissa decides to take it upon herself to take $50 to $70 wach wwek from my check until the first one was paid off. Even after me stating several times tgat this was way over my budget considering the fact that i had now become homeless. I without a choice paid the first bag off within a month.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cape Girardeau, MOThe second bag we had agreed would come off my child support card on the 5th of each month . I didn't receive child support for the month of may and melissa and i were having issuesof our own. Mainly over me being late for work. I decided to go ahead and tell her i no longer wanted ro work for her. So atthis point Melissa decides to confiscate my whole check for payment. She also had her daughter messaging me letting me know hiw worthless i am and then accused me of stealing from her. Even after the accusations she still wanted me to work for her. This is not right. I can't take care of my children this week because she decided to take all of my money and pay way more than what we agreed

Mary Kay
Mary Kay

May 17, 2017
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  •   May 17, 2017

    THIS is why you don't buy things you can't afford from people who have access to your paycheck.

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