Marriott Vacation Clubtimeshare points recorded as a mortgage!

I had purchased into the Marriott "points" system and told since it was tied to any one property that the maintenance fees would be minimal. The first year they were about $600 but, by year 2 they had doubled. Year 3 came around and they went up again. Due to financial strains I made the choice to give the points back to Marriott. After signing over the points they filed it with the credit bureau as a mortgage with deed in lieu of foreclosure!! I was told I was buying points. If I would have thought that it was a mortgage I would have never agreed. I already owned 1 week that was already paid off. Marriott pressure sells you on one thing then does something else after the dust settled. Marriott timeshare is a big SCAM!! Get a nice hotel for the amount they charge on annual maintenance fees!!!

May 19, 2017

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