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Hi ref# PNTBZK. The attached pic shows that a valid drivers licence is required. Following your instructions I produced my drivers licence where upon I was told, contrary to the above, that only a SA drivers licence is valid. In my opinion this was in conflict with your promise. It resulted in my needing to buy another ticket for the next day when I had my passport with me. Your error cost me in excess of R 1990 including a nights accomodation I had paid for and needed to forgo. Please do the right thing by crediting either the flight I was denied boarding or the one scheduled for 06 May JE 284.

Trust you will do the right thing.

Laurence Sive
PS. To prevent this happening to other passengers please reword your t&c's accordingly.

Mango Airlines / FlyMango
Mango Airlines / FlyMango

Apr 30, 2017

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