MagicJackfraud from "magicjack" representative.

On 02/16/2016 I was getting a phone call from MagicJack company said "we have a promotion going on for 5 years contract." His name was Mark Lucent that was what he told me and I noted it. He gave me a phone number to contact him if I have any question or problem. He asked me my credit card number again and I asked him back why do you need my card number again. Then I told him "you should had my card number in the file or your system?" He said to me was " No we never kept the customer's credit card number in file.? Then he told me that it will cost me $165.00 for five years contract. So I did sign the 5 years contract with him on 02/16/2016, then I never thought about it of anything would be go wrong. Until, 02/03/2017 my MagicJack doesn't working. I called the company with a live chat with free different peoples. First twos, were not helpful. They told me to do this to do that but it was not working. Then the third person came on, her name was Nicole. She was very helpful to me very much.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Florida City, FL She fix the problem with my MagicJack then I ask her about why I can not log in to my account? She ask me a lots of questions then she told me that I was fooled by this man Mark Lucinda for $165.00. The reason why I can not log in to my account was he changed my Id and Password into my account and he renew my contract with MagicJack for only one year that will expired on 05/21/2017. That is how I found out about my account was hacked.
this guy, Mark Lucent gave phone # [protected] to me and confirmation # MJ160216083. I was trying for last three days calling him to this number that he gave me, but no avail. so I left massages after massages, but there was no returned call period.
I'm shocked after I heard that my account was hacked by this person. This would not happen if my MagicJack was working. I really appreciate Mss. Nicole so much for helping me to fix my phone and find out about this. I thought I had 5 years agreement with MagicJack, but unfortunately it is not.
So please help me to find this person and bring him to justice.
I really appreciate very much if you can help me to resolve this matter as soon as possible. thanks again for your time.

Feb 03, 2017

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