Magazine Rewards Plus / unethical behavior

This must have occurred October 20, 2015 because that is what this company told me. I was charged $19.95 on November 26. I was talking with another company that I thought was legitimate (Holsted Jewelry) and accepted their offer which turned out not what I expected. They in turn offered me magazines they said were free and I said okay. Not knowing I would be charged for the magazines that I never did receive. I never received anything; magazines, gift card, or anything of value from Magazine Rewards Plus. When I called them to dispute the matter they said that I had accepted the offer and too bad they were keeping my money. They are a scam! I never received magazines or the gift card they said I was entitled too for taking my money. You had to redeem the gift card within 30 days that I didn't even know about. Fraudulent company. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

Nov 30, 2015

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