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M & T Bank / nsf

1 vails gate newburgh Monroe, NY, United States Review updated:

I can not belive how M&T bank can charge insufficient charge before the charge is actually posted. I go into the one local branch and the customer service tellers are nasty, rude and talk to you as if you own them more money just because. when i ask for them to explain how on black in white its show the money is in the account but they still charged me two 37.oo charges while my account still shows positive. How, why, and the response i get is " well the way the system posted it it show negitive even though it's still shows postive. Does this make any sense. The way the system works sucks and i wish we would all band together and tell all banks to go and shove their NSF where the sun don't shine!!! us working class don't have NSF to share with greedy banks.

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  • Si
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I too have had nothing but problems with M and T Bank. I was a provident customer because I had problems with bogus fees due to convenient (for them) posting of transactions at M and T in the past. Paid their stupid fees, closed the account and started fresh at Provident. Never had even 1 single problem. Then M and T took over. An instant $105.00 in overdraft fees! I had a balance (positive) through 3 or 4 transactions. Then I needed to spend more than I had in the account so I took more than enough in cash to the branch and made a deposit. Later that day I made my online purchase. Well, They posted the purchase ahead of the cash deposit and hit me with several fees. Even for purchases made with sufficient funds at the time. I am going to head a crusade to have this bank investigated!!

  • Br
      9th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree!! I have had nothing but problems with M&T Bank and the only way I am going to fix that is to not do business with them anymore! I have completely had it. They so conveniently hold transactions and then decide to post them when they see that your account is getting near not enough but you deposit a check that so conveniently doesn't become available in time to cover the charges. Forget about trying to do your banking online using their Web system because that is never right. Even when they say I don't have enough money in my account it still shows the transactions as a positive so if the checks or transactions came through the way they are listed on the website then I wouldn't have any overdrafts. They are crazy!!!

  • Sp
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    There have been many times when I have had checks cleared and I was still charged NSF. When I called and asked about it, they say that there is pending withdraws against my account and this will cause the NSF. Even if I didn't do it, they are telling me that there is a back room screen that they use to decide on doing this. They say if someone is checking on an amount in my account for future purchases they will hold the money for three days and if I have a check come in and they are still waiting on this time to pass and there isn't enough money in my account to cover the three day hold and the check I will be charged. I would really like for someone to check into this. It doesn't seem very fair that they can do that with someone's money.

  • Un
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    This morning I checked my account online and found several insufficient funds fees posted on my account. The checks were posted to the account on the 21st and yet on the 22nd I was hit with these fess. When I look at though the right hand column is in the positive and shows that the money is there. I pulled my receipt that was printed from the ATM machine to make sure the amount deposited was correct. I called and customer service stated that even though the credits column reflected that the money was there it in fact wasn't. I spoke with a Pat in the Delaware office and she stated that I needed to click on the items in blue in order to understand why the charges look the way they do. Well that's great to know... after the fact. How is someone suppose to know that. I feel that is very misleading, if I look at my account and see black on the right showing that the money is there and yet my account is being hit with insufficient funds fees, there is something wrong. I also found out that it's actually two to three days for things to clear. I was informed that it takes a day to post, an additional day to process and another day to clear. That's how it was explained to me, so yet again LIES!! One business day is what there literature says, but it takes three days!!

  • Lo
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    I too am having issues with M and T bank. My web account has all of my transactions listed and my AVAILABLE balance is at a positive. The bank calls me and says that I will have two $37.00 fees posted to my account tomorrow. For what!?!?! They explain that even though the transactions are listed, they are not taken out of the account! I am leaving M and T bank today and so are all of my sorority sisters! Bye Bye M and T!

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