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LVAC - Las Vegas Athletic Club / membership

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

Be careful my friends. They seem to me to be scammers at Las Vegas Athletic Club. I have since heard more bad stories like this, but check this out. When I joined I was reluctant to join at that time because I was not sure if a family member wanted to join. To get me to join on the spot they told me that I could add family members at ANY TIME for $199. 3 months later I tried to do just that and they told me that family add-ons had to be done in the first 30 days. Rip off! And when I notified the general office for help, they just repeated the 30 day policy to me, as if I didn't hear them the first time. They didn't care to help nor were they concerned that their staff member committed deception, misrepresentation, and or an outright fraud to get me to sign up.

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  • Ma
      31st of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    YES!!! I changed my options about 3 weeks ago from a monthly trainer to 2 guest passes per month. Did paperwork and everything. Got there today with my guest and was told the paperwork was bumped back (unbeknowns to me) and I would have to pay $25 to change my options. Apparently I changed it once already 2 years ago...ok like I remember that! They had told me 3 times at front desk I could make the change with no cost. Right arm doesn't know what left is doing and on top of that corporate is a joke and has never heard the words "customer service" Ridiculous. They have a monopoly in las vegas and their clubs are the nicest and best but their upper management have no clue how to deal with PEOPLE! Too bad :(

  • Gu
      12th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree. The LVAC is a complete rip off. I went, with my 82 years mother, to the club to have some info about it ! First, I wanted to take a look at the club, but the sales person told my mother that we cannot visit if we do not give our drivers licences and one credit card first and sign a paper ( It was for insurance purpose, we tough) but, the reality was that we signed a contract to become a member. Of course, they started to charge my mother's bank account number since that day. They never took any picture of us and never gave us a membership card or any number. Because we did not know that they made us sign a membership contract. They just told us: You can come visit us anytime you want and sart to excercise. But they started to withdrawl the money from my nother bank's account. So, I took some info and learned later that we signed a contrat against our will with LVAC. WE NEVER USED THE CLUB FACILITIES! NEVER). As my mother is not very young (83) and suffering of high blood pressure. We never used their facilities. They abused my mother and I and they continue to do it. I will send a complaint to the DA of Las Vegas for abuse and refusal to cancel a contract that they made with a ill person.

    I went there to tell them that we do not need to have a membership card because my mother was not in good health condition. They told us to call the company. I called the company to cancel our rip off unvolontary membership and they told us that it was not possible to cancel any membership. I told them that my mother was not in good health to excercise, and they told me that it will be good for her to exercise. So, they knew better what to do that my mother doctor! It's a bunch of idiots trying to rip off an eldery person. They withdrawed $42.00 from my mother bank account and never want to refund them. She had to hange her bank account ! Later, both of us received a letter from an agency collection (QUANTUM COLLECTIONS) based in Las Vegas.
    I received a letter asking me to pay $352.00 and my mother received the same exact letter to pay the same amount of $352.00. So, if I understand them well we have to pay $704.00. I do not understand ther methotology of calculation. The are asking the double anount that we are supposed to pay?!? Why are they trying to fraud us. Because this is fraud .Pure and simple.

  • Gu
      12th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    And now, I want a complete refund and compensation for emmotional reasons that my mother is enduring. Her bloof pressure doessn't go down. If something happens to her, Iwill retain the LAS VEGAS ATHLETIC CLUB for responsable.

    LVSC, if you do not refund my mother for all the money that you witdrawl from her bank account, Iwill see you in court with my attorneys. You do not want to go there...

    Rip off is serious, but trying to rip off a senior citizen is more serious.

  • Bi
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I moved out from LV (finally!!) and canceled my membership, they supposed to send me check ($56). I've never got it, called them 3 times, finally 6 weeks later I asked again for MY money. They said they have sent check and I can pay 35 dollars to stop payment on the first check. RIDICULOUS! I talked to Elene Toliver, office manager, which constantly interrupted me, was rude and wanted to brush me off, I couldn't even fisnish a sentence. I asked for a contact to higher management she lied to me that she is the highest one, the head of LVAC (what a liar), and she refused to give it to me (I will find out anyway). So basically they pass their fees on me, stealing my money and this 35 bucks is going to buy them a lot of bad reputation, my sis and her husband suppose to sign up there but they just changed their mind. This is 1 of the worst customer service I received.

  • Fo
      9th of Dec, 2010
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    My mother and I have been members of LVAC for OVER 10 years. Due to the economic downturn, my mom couldn't renew her membership. I contacted LVAC to ask if I could renew it for her, as a Christmas gift, and they told me that I could but at the new (DOUBLE) rate. I told them I could only pay the old rate, to which they 'apologized' and said there was 'nothing they could do'. I asked them what difference it made if she hadn't paid or used the club in 6months and what loss it was to them...with the time value of money you'd think they'd want the $144 versus nothing at all. Again, there is nothing they can do.

    So, I asked them where I can get a copy of my contract in which I agreed to buy a new ID card if I don't produce it 3x in a row. Patty, the rep I spoke to, said it isn't actually in my contract but they do that to avoid other members waiting in line. I told her that when I walk up, with my DL, I already have my membership number memorized and I'm in faster than half the folks who stand and socialize with the front desk staff. Again, I asked her where I can get a copy and she gave me the address. I intend to go get a copy (which, by the way, is normally $10 - as if they couldn't pay for the 4 pieces of paper out of my fees) and take it to someone to look at. I'm sure they've violated yet another NRS or UCC provision (like they did when they were being sued for sexual discrimination) in extorting funds from their members.

    Shame on LVAC - Thy ambition, Thou scarlet sin, robb'd this bewailing land.

  • Ad
      8th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    The people at this club are rude. I really can't complain bc the membership is so cheap but why does it cost 12 dollars to replace a card that cost 5 cents to make? And they make such a big deal about it! I had the French dude in the central location make me stand behind 5 people that had their cards as a punishment for forgetting my card, proceeded by a rude black dude telling me I have to buy a new card if I forget it more than 3 times... Hmmm makes me want to cancel my membership. I've been a member for over 2 years so my contract is up! goodbye Lvac and hello 24 hour fitness

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