Lululemon Athletica / customer service

Richmond, b.c., Canada

Evening. I attended your store in Richmond Centre on October 6, 2017, Friday evening around 7 pm. I had entered the store without any greetings and an enormous attitude from the girls on the particular, an Indian girl was flipping her ponytail and whipped right by me with a snit on her face. I have been to the other lulu lemons in the lower mainland such as Metrotown, Oakridge and downtown Vancouver and I have never been treated so poorly. As I walked out of the store, I walked passed two girls who were chit chatting with arms folded and not bothering to assist. While I understand hiring these young girls is a part of the operations, their immaturity and lack of respect is discerning and highly uncalled for. Although I live in Richmond, I prefer not to enter this specific Lululemon store. To add, I had heard from many of my friends and family that they experienced the same attitudes, however, I did not believe it until I experienced it myself. There needs to be some serious training / shadowing for your staff to repair the customer service skills that have spun out of control.

Oct 14, 2017

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