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LovelySkin does not handle orders with free shipping in a timely manner, instead they penalize the customers who choose this option.

It is better to buy directly from the beauty company. I've ordered directly from Dr. Hauschka and took advantage of their free shipping. The items were shipped on the next business day from Maine to Washington State with the same UPS ground service that LovelySkin offers. The purchased items from Dr. Hauschka arrived in exactly one week from the day it was processed.

LovelySkin, which is located in Nebraska, does not process free shipping orders on the next business day. They process these orders several days later, allowing items sit around collecting dust before someone finally decides to put it in a box. They have a shipping policy to support this and will take advantage of this policy. From Nebraska to Washington State the order took over a week and a half from the date it was placed. LovelySkin will try to point out that this only took so many business days from when it was processed but the catch is in the word processed. Items sat around for several days in the LovelySkin's warehouse before they were processed and handed over to UPS. If LovelySkin had processed the order on the next business day, then the order would have arrived within the same time frame as the above mentioned order.

LovelySkin please do your customers a favor and either process all orders on the next business day regardless of the shipping status or don't offer free shipping at all. Because free shipping is not free when the customer has to pay the price. What price might that be? The price of purchased items, which the customer has already paid for, being disregarded for several days in a warehouse before someone finally gets around to sending it to the customer. Why drag out a process when you could be just as timely as your competitors?

Jul 10, 2015

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