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Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with, I'm from Canada and I received a black Friday special, I mad the order value at 100$ only to find out 3 weeks later with a phone call from customs that I need to pay taxes and customs charges on top of my order (around 100$ more) then I get my credit card to find out that its not 100$ like on the site but 124$ since the currency they show on site is not CAN$ but US$. I contacted them to get a refund. guess what, the charge me for shipping and 30$ for fees total 50$. today I have no product and I lost 50$. in my opinion this is theft.
1. hey can detect the country (ip detection) and show the correct currency
2. they know that international users have to pay customs and taxes - MAKE IT CLEAR
3. don't hide with your term and condition - be honest

I do not recommend LovelySkin -
they can make it right by giving me a full refund order ID : #1070470

Jan 27, 2015

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