Louis Vuittonbad warranty

Be careful buying any Louis Vuitton product. I bought a $500 wallet and a $300.00 key fob from this store in December 2010. I took it back in a couple of months because the stitching on the wallet unravelled within a year. They told me that they don't have warranty at all on any of their products. The manager stated that as soon as you walk out of the store and use their product then you own it whether it lasts for a year or not. No way to fix or return the product for you and that you would have to take it somewhere else to get it repaired. This is really bad warranty considering that if you bought a wallet from Macy's or Nordstrom and paid $500 for it they will automatically take it back if you have the receipt. You don't even have to have a reason to take it back. But this wallet obviously was very poorly made since the stitches unravelled. Too bad for Louis. They don't stand behind their products at all.

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