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Louis Vuitton / terrible customer service

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I bought a $900 LV wallet in a LV Las Vegas store in April... by the end of June, the zipper handle finish had flaked off and the zipper itself had turned black... YUK! i took it to the South Coast Plaza store for warranty work. They were going to send my wallet back to be repaired. I've been back to the store 3 times and have called them 5 times. the only answer i get from them is that they havent heard from the factory and cannot give me a status. i asked the clerk when should i expect to hear something back from them, the answer i got is "we'll hear when we hear". what a load of crap. they should be calling the factory to find out where my wallet is, i am concerned that if they never hear back from the factory, i will be out $900 because these idiots are incapable of calling the factory to find out status. i would expect these guys to be a little better with customer service, especially since i spent more than $6000 there in the 4 months. i just tried calling the store again a few minutes ago, the girl put me on hold for the repair team. after a while i hung up, and called back only to find out the repair team is not there today AT ALL!!!... she put me on hold for no one... i will never do any business with that store again...

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  • Em
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    I am dealing with a similiar situation now. I have purchased several purses from Louis Vuitton over the past few years. I bought a pair of sunglasses from there abot 2 year ago. One of the lens recently fell out and broke. I took the glasses into the store. The girl had no idea what to do with them. She called other stores and the customer service line, none of which could give her answer.

    She took the glasses and said she would give me a call the next day with a response. 5 days passed and I called asking the status. The lady told me she hadn't heard anything and would call when she did.

    They just called me and told me there is nothing they can do for me. I asked, "So I'm out $525?" and the lady actually responded, "Yes, I guess so." I asked if she could recommend somewhere that would be able to fix my glasses. She said any mall has sunglass places and to try there.

    I called customer service to complain and they were not helpful. I have never heard about a luxury retailer not wanting to do everything possible to make the customer happy. If this is not resolved to my satisfaction I will never shop there again. That organization has no customer service whatsoever. I am appalled that for the amount of money I have spent there I am treated like dirt.

  • Dd
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    I feel you. I purchased a speedy from Louis Vuitton, had it for one year, and it is cracking up. Everyone needs to know not to shop at Louis Vuitton.

  • Lv
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    LVMH are attempting to appeal to the percentage of the population that uses a product while it is "in season" and a "hot accessory" and then thinks nothing of replacing it and discarding the old items like a $10 T-shirt (in other words, the extremely wealthy — why do you think they continue to increase their prices far beyond inflation?). That may also explain why they cannot fix or maintain their products, and if they do the backlog is very great (1+months and a hefty fee for YOUR time and YOUR trouble). Unless the item is very new or requires parts that bear the LV trademark, you are better off going to a good cobbler or eyeglass boutique.

    Also, people need to get the notion about "getting what you pay for" out of their heads. Some of the most exotic cars in the world are not as reliable as a Honda or Toyota. Handbags and accessories are no different. Beyond a certain price point, there's not much extra "quality" you can infuse into a product. The exception would be well-documented complaints: Chipping gold-tone hardware, colors that run on the lighter colored items, the cracking edges on LV's canvas wallets and the peeling pockets in the cross-grain leather-lined bags. By leaving those issues unresolved for decades at a time, LVMH is seemingly making an intentional mockery of the gullibility of their clientele (in my opinion). They could start improving their products by using solid brass on their zipper pulls and linkage points, as opposed to relegating the brass components to the zippers and padlocks (you can tell which is which because the gold-tone items are not a good match the solid brass zipper or padlocks, which do not have the same sheen or color). Hence, customers are stuck with what would appear to be nothing more than GOLD-TONE metal — meaning plated — after which the inexpensive black base metal shows through (which explains the problem with the poster's wallet). Meanwhile, LVMH could also use materials in their pockets that are less likely to stick, tear, flake, peel and rot in humid climates.

    Believe me, when you have shopped the no-name brands at no-name stores, it is shocking to come from that background and find that luxury branded merchandise sometimes wears equally, if not worse. Buxton and Amity can make a wallet that will not crack along the fold lines, LVMH has yet to figure out how! There's really no excuse for failure to improve product materials, methods or techniques. As much as I love the look and tradition of Louis Vuitton, I no longer shop at their boutiques for this very reason. One solution is to shop secondhand. If you must buy new, use a credit card. The added protection provided by the objective authority of a credit card issuer can be a lifesaver.

    As for lost repair merchandise, never, never drop anything off at any repair facility, Louis Vuitton or otherwise, without getting a ticket that corresponds to your repair order number. If that item has any real value to you, hold on to that ticket like your life depends on it. It is your only proof they have anything of yours, otherwise it might stay lost forever!

  • Lv
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    If you notice, the zipper itself never chips, just the pulls and linkage points. That is because they are putting a gold-tone plating to make the appearance of a high shine. For the price, they shouldn't be PLATING anything. It should be solid brass like the teeth of the zippers or the padlock itself. For that matter, customers will eventually be paying enough to obtain solid gold. Even 10K would be better than a coat of gold enameled "paint". You can shine up a solid metal, but there's nothing you can do with a plated metal except pay THEM to replace it when it chips. They know it, and we're the suckers. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? For the prices we pay, we ought to expect more, not less.

    Anybody who has shopped the non-luxury brands/stores in the past decade or two knows that it is very rare even for an inexpensive item to fall apart that fast. For that matter, even the notion that the replicas will always reveal themselves by falling to bits is a misnomer. I knew someone who carried a replica daily for over 7 years and it was still intact. This whole idea that price=longevity doesn't fly anymore. What you are buying is image. Substance is secondary and to those with enough money to treat even expensive purchases as "disposable goods" it is inconsequential. For the rest of us, it's outrage. And rightly so.

  • Wm
      10th of May, 2010
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    Why don't you buy a more expensive purse next time. Good...I'm glad this happened to you. You deserve it, you stupid, spoiled brat!

  • Un
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    I just sent my Men's Marco Wallet to the Mall of Green Hills in Nashville for repairs and I was told by a rep at the boutique that there is nothing they can do for me and the entire wallet would have to be unstitched in order to repair the seams near the credit card slots. I am so unhappy with Louis Vuitton right now and I promise I will never buy any of their products again. Their repair and return policy sucks and they need to be stopped. I have notified the Better Business Bureau in New York, The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Affairs. My complaints may not help, but at least I am spreading the word about the so called luxury retailer, Louis Vuitton.

  • Ja
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    Shopping Louis - stealing money

    On 9-19-10 I sent $191.20 to Ling Yuan for a purse 3 weeks ago and I never received the items and they never responded to any emails.

  • Ka
      27th of Oct, 2010
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    Louis Vuitton - Not standing behind return policy
    United States
    Phone: 619-733-6767

    My name is Karen. I purchased a Louis Vutton bag a few years back. I have never gotten over the dissapointment and heart ache I felt after purchasing an a Louis Vutton handbag that I so longed and dreamed for. I purchased a white multicolored Louis Vutton bag from the Louis Vutton store in Fashion Valley, San Diego in which I spent a total of $1, 616.16. I had a 2 year warranty in which I contacted them within 10 months, letting them know that my beautiful handbag was cracking all across the top. I was devastated! I took it back to the store to show them in which I was given a phone number to call, only to be told over and over and over that it was overused. My God It wasn't as though I had multiple bags that I could inter change, nor did I have any other bags that was as pricey..which is why overuse should not have been and issue, $1600.00 I would think could stand a little more wear and tear. After my continued efforts I finally recieved a package in the mail from Louis Vutton, to my suprise it was a box of BOOKS! Was this a JOKE? These books were a merely another form of advertisment, showing different items sold by Louis Vutton and places aroung the world as to where they may be purchased. That is the last thing I wanted to see! Beyond my dissapointment I could not believe a company such as Louis Vutton would treat their consumer with such "Mistreat". Since this time I have shared my story with many so they may avoid the same dissapointment. I was in my nursing class the other day and my teacher was asking where she could purchase a Louis Vutton, I told her my story, she said "REALLY I have purchased Louis Vutton bags in the past and they usually stand behind their merchandise for a lifetime, and my bags was $400+, no where near the price of yours, I'm suprised (a look of disbelief)".

  • Po
      14th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I can't believe I'm actually writing a complaint about LV. I purchased a pochette accessoires in damier ebene canvas. Within a year after my purchase, the strap started peeling apart. Only when I looked at it closely, I realized the strap is just glued together and not even stiched. I went to the store and ended up getting a new strap replaced for free. Imagine my astonishment when this happened again recently. I went to the LV store at Neiman Marcus in Short Hills and was told that it would cost $70 to get a new strap because it has been over a year since my last repair. Apparently there is no lifetime guarantee and there is nothing they can do for me besides charging me $70. I was upset, being the gullible person that I am, because I expected great quality for the amount of money I spent. I didn't buy a new strap but decided to go to a leather repair shop. When I brought my bag in and asked the owner how much if would cost to repair the unglued strap, he laughed at me and said " get the $4.50 glue, this isn't even REAL LEATHER". I was BEYOND shocked. I can not phathom the idea that LV would do such a thing. Unbelievably disappointing and will never purchase another piece from LV.

  • Ha
      4th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I purchased my LV bag (paid over $2300.00) in Ceasers palace in Las Vegas 4 months ago. Gold plated hardware peeled off and when I contacted Beverly Center LV, I was told it is normal ware and tear, which they would do nothing for it. I was shocked to hear that and also the attitude of rep. Her attitude was pretty much "so what, don't buy, if you don't like it". I dealt with Cartier watch, bags, accessories for over 25years and I have never treated the way I was treated by LV. I am so dissatisfied with LV, I would never give any of my business to them again. After all, the customer service is the critical reason of repeated business, LV certainly earned my disgust and disrespect. I stick with Cartier. If I really want LV, I would go to Japan to purchase it. The customer service at any (including regular drug store) store or businesses are something I never experienced here in the US; remarkable!! ...well never mind, I still won't spend my money in LV store, just because US LV disgusted me so much.

  • Pi
      2nd of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I buy quite a bit of Louis Vuitton items, including luggage, shoes, belts, wallets, and sunglasses. I prefer Hermes but then again who doesn't. Anyways I have the evidence sunglasses and the top metal bar keeps popping out of place. I thought it was no big deal and took it to the South Coast Plaza LV store. Actually it is a big deal, they didn't want anything to do with me. They told me the metal hardware is not part of the glasses and I should just superglue it or something. Disgusting customer service. My tom ford sunglasses were a lil loose and they replaced them before I finished my sentence. So for 800 dollar glasses they have lost a long term customer. I am also having American Express Centurion lodge a complaint and I will probably get my money back for them. Im gonna sell my collection and start buying goods from companies that care about my experience with them. I will never ever ever ever buy another LV product.

  • Ne
      12th of Sep, 2011
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    Louis Vuitton Trading Ltd - Scam
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  • Ha
      27th of Sep, 2011
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    To Pomaggs...Your LV is definitely not real. LV NEVER makes straps out of non leather material, nor uses glue. What a joke. if you want to own a real LV. Then go out and buy one. And dont post comments about trying to get a fake one fixed. Plus I never heard of LV only charging 70.00 for a strap. Your experience sounds crazy to me.

  • Co
      9th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes - Poor customer service
    United States

    I have purchased L. Vuitton wallet from but when I received my order I realize they have sent me the wrong one. They refused to change product for the right one so I sent it back and requested full refund online. Since then I was unable to contact them.

  • Lv
      27th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    The LV near Hilton Hawaiin Village needs to fire the extremely rude fat Asian woman that works there. I wish I got her name but I am still in shock at how I was treated! For my own knowledge I wanted to her to show me the date code on a bag I was looking to buy. She said that was none of the customers business and laughed at me saying do you think I'm selling you a fake!?? After much arguing she showed me and said are you happy? I bought the bag a wallet and a luggage tag but I am so pissed off still that I'm retiring the bag and letting her have a piece of my mind. A big F-U ! I won't even bother putting a complaint through LV. It's a joke even trying to. They don't care anyways. They have lost my business for good. And a big ha ha ha that they are the most replicated designer bag in the world. LOL!!! Kiss my a***

  • Th
      20th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I've had my L V wallet for awhile the stitching on the fold is commig undone and the
    covering on those edges is cracking I've had it for several years. A Xmas to myself when I was doing a bit better then financally. Ilike the bilfold and would like to keep it a bit longer, does anyone know of a dependable repair shop to mend it

  • No
      2nd of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    My new LV bag smell so very bad after I use bag to get some gasolin from the gas station to my empty car. I hear that LV bag is waterproof so I think same for gasolin. DO NOT BUY LV if you want good handbag. / Norma Meeds, Las Vegas, Nevada (the former co-publisher of the all time great loved magazines: Loos Changes, Lesbian Teen Age Mothers In Federal Jail and Get Your Life Back: Doctors Diagnos about You Are So Stupid Not the End).

  • Ro
      22nd of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    Ordered a handbag for my wife to be delivered on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My Bank questioned the purchase with me and I gave approval.
    After notifying the Bank that the charges were in fact mine I called Louis Vuitton to verify the handbag was in fact still going to be delivered on the requested date. No Problem was the response but they did notify me a signature was required. As this was a special gift for my wife I waited all day to sign for the package that never came. I called customer service late in the day only to find out it had not been shipped.
    I requested it shipped 2nd Day Air to insure I would have it on the day needed.
    Customer Service said they could clear the Handbag for shipping and I would have it on Saturday. As I will be out of town, I cancelled the order.
    Spoiled my surprise, ruined my day by sitting at home, spent hours on the phone getting assurance it was being handled, only to cancel the $2231.30 order while trying to find something last minute.
    I realize this is not a big deal and others have real problems. But why the runaround when I trying to spend money with NM. - Very poor service!

  • Wi
      21st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Louis Vuitton - lv bag quality

    Purchase the bag for less than 2 year and it starting to crack, the sales person on LV store @ Garden, Malaysia told me this is normal. So I am posting this for any guys that want to get the bag from LV to think twice because their quality is bad

  • Ne
      11th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes
    Louis Vuitton - Bag

    I purchases a bag from Louis Vuitton a couple of momths ago. I havent worn it more than 6 times. It has a python handle that peeled half of it as well as the leather of the bag as well.

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