Louis Vuitton / bad attitude & bad quality

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I am writing to highlight the below two issues:
My first issue is the bag (SPEEDY30) which I bought from your branch in Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, it developed a crack although it was not used frequently, even the manager of the branch admitted to the crack. It is shocking to me that such an expansive and supposedly a high class bag can develop a fault in such a short period of time. I have multiple bags from different high level designers used for many years still in an excellent shape, I paid a lot of money and frankly I am disappointed in the quality.
Second issue which in my opinion shocked me the most is the attitude of the branch manager (or should I say the lack of) when I approached the branch manager, he spoke to me is not only befitting the image of high class designer, he was quite rude and I will go as far to say arrogant and condescending, if the aim of their policy to recruit personal that intimidate and try to be scary to customers then defiantly the branch manager is good example, although he did admit to the crack in the bag, he reluctantly agreed to take the bag and send it for check by the quality control department, but insisted not to expect much.
Finally I want to repeat my disappoint in your product and the bad image by the branch manager, I feel disrespected and I am absolutely not going to put myself is such a humiliating situation again.

Feb 8, 2015

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