LOT Polish AirlinesDelayed luggage compensation

With my flight on 4 Jan 2017 I wasn't able to get my luggage delivered with my connecting flight from Warsaw to London.
It hasn't reached yesterday, neither today. There were fragile items that need special handling like glass objects. I hope nothing happened to them!

This is the first time I using LOT and I am extremely frustrated.

I had essential things in my luggage that I need daily like:

- My toiletries which I need a special shampoo and conditioner that costs together about 50£, neither I have spare ones of them
- I don't have toothbrush or toothpaste, neither I thought I should keep spare ones for them too
- More importantly I had pills in my luggage which are essential and very important for me to take daily needs a special prescription. For that I had to visit the doctor and get new ones because I cannot "not take it". This one costs about 100£
- Also for the time that I spent on this and the stress you caused.

Jan 10, 2017

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