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Loral Langemeier / they won't cancel the order

1 Medford, OR, United States Review updated:

I change my mind about the free information that I had to pay $9.95 for . I called back in the first 15 cancel but was giving another phone no. to call. When I called that number a woman named Shannon said that she couldn't help me at this time but to call back tomorrow at 4:30. I did and a man ( who said he was the night manager) said that Shannon had already went home for the day. I talked to him about canceling the order and he said that was not possible and Shannon didn't said that I could cancel. He was rude and said that I was not telling the truth. I called the next day and got a hold of Shannon and her story this time is that it had already been shipped and was too late.

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  29th of Oct, 2008
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We apologize to our customer that feels mistreated; to help make it right we are refunding the shipping & handling cost of 9.95. Please keep the Millionaire Maker book and cd as our FREE gift.

  31st of Oct, 2008
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Once an order is placed the shipment process is immediately triggered automatically. The customer was made fully aware of the $9.95 shipping charge prior to completing the order and agreed to it. It was also made clear that once the order is placed this is a non-refundable charge. This was a FREE gift the customer ordered, and the $9.95 is ONLY to cover shipping costs. Despite this, we have agreed to cover the $9.95 shipping costs, and also allowed the customer to keep the materials. Here is a transcript of the actual audio from the call:

Customer: "You're only going to charge me ten buck now?"
Rep: "No, just $9.95"
Customer: "OK"
Rep: "I want to confirm, you've allowed us to pre-authorize your Visa for $9.95"
Customer: "Right, OK"
Rep: "Today you have agreed to pay just $9.95..."
Customer: "OK".

  13th of Nov, 2008
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I have had a similar experience with this program. i have been trying to return my unopened box for about 2 months, being told that I was over my 30 day trial. I began making calls within the time period. It appears that Ms Langmeier is more interested in getting my $400.00 than trying to assist me in making millions. Now they are "willing" to settle for a restocking fee and delivery fee. This is robbery as far as I'm concerned.

  6th of Jan, 2009
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When I initially called, I was only interested in the "free" book and cd. However, one of Loral's "don't take no for an answer" phone representatives weakened my resolve and convinced me to try the full course. What a mistake!! Not only did I find the materials useless, but when I called to seek instructions as to how to return them, I got serious "attitude" from another phone representative. To add insult to injury, I had to pay for the return postage despite being told the exact opposite when I first called. Although I returned the materials (with proof of same) well within the requisite period for doing so, I expect them to try to hit me up for the full price. I've already contacted my credit card company.

  13th of Feb, 2009
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I ordered the program, tried it for 30 days, found it virtually useless and called back in 2 weeks (well within the 30 day return timeline. The girl on the phone was rude (acting as if they seldom EVER took these programs back - and I know differently). After finally giving me a Return Authorization number, I paid an additional $16 dollars to mail it back certified. Received confirmation that they DID sign for it and return it. Now keep getting email 'threats' that if the card (which I cancelled) cannot be billed $69.95, they will turn it over to collections. I called them back and informed them that not only will I turn them over to the Better Business Bureau, but I will report this company to my state's District Attorney's office if ANYthing shows on my credit for this. Don't be fooled by this scam. Loral makes her money by selling these programs, not by 'helping others' get wealthy.

  16th of Mar, 2009
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I usually check things out before I buy them but I listened to the radio and figured I would get the book and pay for shipping since she was on talk shows and the news. After I placed the order, they did not give me an order # which I found odd. So I felt uneasy about this, I researched loral langemeier and found bad reports such as these. Since I was in "verbal" agreement I have to pay the 9.95. I placed my order on the weekend and was told have to wait until "Monday" to speak with customer service, a different dept than the order one and cancel first thing in the morning. I spoke with the FTC and my State's district attorney office prior to UT cust. center opening. I have gotten the run around also, about how my order is not in the system and it is a small window of when they get it and ship it out that I might not be able to cancel it due to the small window. This floor superviser had the nerve to say "why did you buy from us if you were going to cancel." I went off. Anyway, she is suppose to email me saying she will cancel my order and I "should" get this in 24 hours and call back if I do not get that email. I called back and asked for "Pam" the superviser and placed on hold then it just cycled to a menu option. The Attorney General said they are not doing anything "wrong" as far as the law, they said it is the consumer's responsibility to find out about the product they are buying, legimatcy etc etc. If I do not get anything in writing they will send me then product then I have the "30 day" return ordeal to go through. The Attorney General office did say IF they charge my card after I sent back the package within the guidlelines (xerox everything and have proof of shipment) then they are in the wrong for contacting me and charging my card. If they do contact me, I was adivsed to write them a letter with my enclosed evidence and instruct to not contact me any further. IF they do then I will make a claim with the State General office, they will pursue the company and let me know the results. Hopefully, this will help someone. If things get ugly with the "30 day" trial and me returning it, I will report them to the BBB and contact Dr. Phil's site to let him know about not getting financial advice from Loral Langemeier and having Americans/consumers feel comfortable with her. They are banking on people not returning it within 30 days, then they legally are entitled to your money, because they made it clear and they are banking on people getting scared on their "debt collection" letters and ruining your credit. Hopefully this helps.

  27th of Mar, 2009
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I signed up for the "program" and now they are unwulling to refund my money after telling them I am unbale to go through their "wealth foundation" program. They are immoral and unethical and should be avoided.

  8th of May, 2009
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In Feb of this year I hear Loral on the radio and phoned in to buy her book for 9.95. I did not know that I was soon going to be charged for 29.95 each month after the purchase. I dont have a number to call and file a complaint. Today I am calling my bank and making sure they put Loral as a "not authorized collection". I am also thinking about charging her company with theft.
Are there any others that have been ripped off in this way?

  26th of Jul, 2009
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Your question: Are there others that have been ripped off this way?

Response: TONS of others!! For much more $$ Search blogs for Loral Langemeier and Premier Mentoring and you'll see people have lost between $4000 and $20, 000 or more on her wealth foundation program. Be grateful if you only lost less than $500.

I've emailed Dr. Phil too and told him to stop promoting this - to research how many people's financial lives have been destroyed by this horrible choice. They use strong-arm sales techniques, get nasty and everything. My husband and I signed up, and were assured that we would indeed show a return on this investment within 90 days. The classes were an absolute joke, we lost $11, 000... had no choice but to file Bankruptcy after Loral. They've PROFOUNDLY affected our lives and our future.

Run away from them as fast as you can. Hang up if they call with any "invitations".

  10th of Oct, 2009
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What happens if you refuse the product...don't even open it? Will they still charge you and is this considered cancelled? Please advise

  19th of Jan, 2010
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On 1 Dec. 2009 I ordered the "free book" from Loral Langemeier. I called them back a few days later and told them I was not interested in the 30 day free trial of their services. Finally, on Dec. 31 -- well under the 30 days I called to cancel. I got an automated menu to cancel. I submitted my info.

Well, last week I checked my bank acct and i was charged $71.59! I called the billing dept. to see why. I spoke with some idiot named "Darwin" ext. 303. He was rude and told me they had no record of my canceling the order. I told him I did cancel. We went around and around. I told him to credit my bank acct #. He refused. I asked him what his last name was. He refused to furnish it due to "security reasons." I asked to speak with his supervisor. Her name was "Jessica" ext. 313. Same shtick. Rude. Wouldn't believe that I canceled. She said that Loral Langemeier has an "A" rating through the BBB! Yeah, right.

Anyway, she HUNG UP ON ME!

Very suspicious that if you're a bona fide employee company representing Loral Langemeier that you refuse to disclose your last name.

I am so furious at this organization named "Loral Langemeier." I look forward to using the book to start my next campfire. I'm going to pass on negative feedback to anyone I know against this organization. They obviously do not care for the customer.

This organization is a fraud.

  13th of Aug, 2010
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I cant say that it is a scam neither she is fraud. Loral’s books were just amazing. It was a good read as a starter book to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

  22nd of Feb, 2011
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So, I guess everyone who speaks with the Reps who takes calls for Ms. Langemier are all liars. I am so furious. I am crazy. The rep never said anything about a call to cancel within 30 days. Well, especially when you are telling him that u can't afford any extra charges due to unemployment. But according to them you agreed anyway, and never mentioned that you did say over and over again that you can't afford the extra charge. And to go back and listen to a tape that took place more than 30 days ago. Hello, with today's technology, you can add anything. Is Ms. Langemeier so important that she can't respond to emails or calls? I hope she as well as her staff who backs her to high heavens sleep well at night.

  2nd of Mar, 2011
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I just called TODAY 03/02/2011 at 1:45PM for the free book and received an order number. I made sure that the rep know that I was only interested in getting the free book for the charge of $9.95 and NOTHING ELSE. Her name is Kelsey. I wished I had done my research before stupidly calling in after listening to a legitimate news radio talk show 650 AM [HOUSTON]. Now I am realizing my mistake after reading so many complaints online. I don't have time for this and to go through all the trouble with their customer service. I'm afraid I just signed my "verbal electronic" death wish to the DEVIL... I called back literally 15 minutes later and talked to Catherine. She could not locate me in the system because it was still processing and I needed to call back within 24-48 hours. I told her I had the order number and she said there is no way for her to look me up either. WARNING FLAG. Please if anyone has any advise whatsoever, please let me know how I can cancel this!! I've read MANY horrible experiences and terribly scared right now.
If you are reading this Loral, you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope your children will see the type of person you are and how many lives you have ruined!

  10th of May, 2011
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Just spent an hour getting the customer 'service' rep to finally cancel my account and give me a confirmation number before I was charged. I just kept on telling him to cancel it - he used every trick in the book. I have yet to be charged - I hope I am not!

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