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REFUSED REFUND OF UNUSED SERVICE BY IOI MALL, LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMNT. The company refused to refund unused service where my skin was aggravated after used of their sliming service.

Immediately after the 1 time trial promotion on 24th February 2012; I was pushed to purchase a sliming package cost RM 1, 900 from London Weight Management on the same day. Before the trial session, I did disclose of my sensitive skin condition and the consultant Ms. Wynn still insist that their product is natural and will not cause aggravation to my sensitive skin. My customer ID is CIP6300

The package consist of 5 sessions of sliming service, after using it for 1 time (on 19th March 2012) and my face and body encountered serious skin itchiness and infection on my face on the next day.
I was under doctor medication and treatment after which and was advised not to continue such sliming services as it may continue to worsen my sensitive skin conditions.

I requested for refund of the unused service via letter dated 21 March 2012. Originally, the company said they did not received such letter even though it was verbal confirmed by their staff on 21st March 2012. After several follow up action, the refund request was rejected by the said company verbally today. The reason given by the company (by Ms Winnie - Regional Manager, h/phone [protected]) was that they had ordered the stock and the stock was tailor make to suit each customer condition. I am unable to accept such reason, as earlier they advised me to change the unused service to their standard consumerable products. If they are able to exchange the unused service for standard product, there is no reason for them to refund the unused service. The package that I signed up is their standard package of going thru "steam room" and "hot blanket" with some sliming solutions apply on my body. If the chemical use in applying to my body is so called "tailor make" for me then, how about those refund of unused "steam room" and "hot blanket" services?
I requested for their letter of such rejection and they are in the process of preparing it.

I would like to seek your advice and opinion on my situation on how do I able to get back the unused service money. Thank you.

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  • Sh
      25th of May, 2012

    Yes, I agree LWM is extremely cheated slimming centre...
    They push the customer for make money and after they got the money in their hand, they throw away the customer..
    I was bought the Rm 10 voucher for 1 trial make me waste RM 6000..
    the consultant Ms. Vivin push me to 5 sessions then try to force again 10 sessions and then force again to 20 sessions (rm 6000).
    they took my credit card 1 and half hours and until they get the target rm 6000 then they gave back to me..
    they are not consulting the customer, they are robbing the ppl..
    when I bought rm 10 voucher, they call me many times in daily until I reach their center however after I paid Rm6000, they never call me anymore.. and they treat to me like a bagger...
    Is this call good service?
    they make money is curse by ppl..
    Is This LWM owner doesn't shame about their staff attitude?
    All our victims should sue LWM...
    I feel vy unsatisfy with LWM..

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  • Ma
      7th of Oct, 2012

    Hope they will go bank... one day!!lets pray...!!

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  • Hm
      8th of Nov, 2012

    i was approched with $10/- LWM road show vouchers. I told the promoter name Steph i won't go for any hard selling & she promised me there won't be any as this is for 1st time customer to experience their service, so i bought two- for me and my daughter.We went for our appoinment on 7th Nov 2012 at Tampines 1 outlet.After our height & weight were taken, we were showed to a room and attended by a consultant who was suppose to brief us on fat analysis for 45min before the treatment.Instead, it lasted as a one & half hour nightmare as she was hard selling us 6bxs of slimming coffee for over $800/-.By now I was really pissed with the whole thing on top of the her bad english & told her we are not buying anything cause im 52yrs old, weigh 51kgs & exercise regularly.My 29yrs old daughter is on holiday in S'pore, leaving the next day, so i thought it wld be nice to do something together before she leaves, we just want to have a feel at the program and not desparate to loose weight.Then the consultant turned her focus to my daughter & kept insisting that she felt sad that my daughter is over weight for her age & that my daughter shd be unhappy with her weight issue & her apperance.At this i turned to my daughter and asked her if she happy with herself & she replied -" i'm a mother of a 7yrs old, im very happy with myself & my partner is happy with who i am & how i look"-period! With our telling her off, she left the room with a rude attitude & her sour face.Soon came a more snr consultant (i assume)name Heidi and told us in another bad spoken english-"oh, two of you, then can half half lah, no 'probrem' mah, jus one person pay $414".I told her we are not buying anything even if if it's$8/- cause that's not what we came for.During this, the 1st consultant open the door to the room and practically threw a plastic container with some slimming treatment on the table where we were & told us since we not buying we can have the treatment now but " i tell you ah.. it very very uncomfoteber one"! so we told them we are not interested & left the room.At the receptionist counter, they told us they would make a complain against Steph, the person who sold us the trial voucher for giving the guarantee of no selling of product & gave me two name cards to call for next appointment. I took the cards but told them thanks & no thanks, I will never come again neither will i recommend LWM to anyone.My conclusion: They are fake, their apperances are fake, in sales aspect, their attitudes are simply disgustingly shameful.

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  • Do
      20th of Nov, 2012

    The manager named Jolene in London Weight Management 1st Avenue branch also a ###. In order to hard sell their service, she criticize the way you look sarcastically. The conversation started off ok at first. But, when you said you don't want to join the treatment, the conversation became heated up and stated cursing and demoralizing you. I don't care and shout back at her right through her face. The way she talked is rude and uncivilized. Really disgusting and shame on London weight management. Damn LWM!

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  • Lw
      28th of Nov, 2012

    My Mom has signed up a package cost about $10, 000 (about 25 sessions) with an installment plan. We went to the Mid Valley branch to ask for a black&white as a prove to bank to stop the installment plan. They refuse to provide and told me that they never have a customer request for refund before (###), told us to pay more than $10, 000 (based on individual price of 8 sessions) if we discontinuous the treatment.

    We would like to refund our money and may file a complaint to FOMCA.
    Please help if you experience this before or know how.

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  • Vi
      13th of Dec, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    Dont believe london weight management i went to london weight management at 1st avenue consultant was jolene...jolene force me to take package...i bought RM 10 voucher for free trial than jolene force me to become member and must pay rm 500 than only entitle to discount...the i pay RM500. after treatment their show the package for 20 session RM 13, 808...i cant effort to pay tat money jolene say gt installment package with 0% interest than bring me to near RHB bank to take personal loan RM 8000...i was Confucius why their borrow only RM8000 not RM 13, many question in my mind...after came back i investigate this issue...than only i got know jolene cheat me... actually package is RM 8000...there is no 0% interest so i need to bear the interest RM 5808...pls advice me...i want to refund my money...

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  • Re
      17th of Dec, 2012

    I read my complaints on London weight management. But wonder if anyone has taken Any legal action against them. I spent almost $20, 000 and used half of the package but seen results. I intend to take legal action against them via small claim tribute. Has anyone attempted this approach?

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  • Vi
      5th of Mar, 2013

    i lodge report to "tribunal pengguna" regarding london weight management...i manage to refund full amout within 1 month...

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  • Zy
      30th of Jul, 2017

    @vinis Hi Vivins. Can u tell me more how u lodge the report to 'tribunal pengguna'? im being cheated by LWM too. I went to LWM at Mid Valley to redeem my FREE voucher but being forced to sign up the membership RM500. I told them i dont have money and only want to redeem the free trial. They told me to pay for the deposit only. They charged me RM265. After the free treatment they keep asking me to pay the balance. I told them i dont have money and ask them to refund my money. They said cannot. I really pissed off with them. Please help me.

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  • To
      19th of Mar, 2019

    @Zyra Nad i Vivins. Can u tell me more how u lodge the report to 'tribunal pengguna'? im being cheated by LWM as well . I went to LWM at Mahkota melaka 18/3/19 to redeem my FREE voucher but being forced to sign up the membership RM500. I told them i dont have money and only want to redeem the free trial. They told me to pay for the deposit only. They charged me RM500. After the free treatment they keep asking me to pay the balance too. I told them i dont have money and ask them to refund my money. They said cannot and they said will get a lawyer letter. what the [censored] of people like this. Really scary people. what i can do ?

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  • To
      19th of Mar, 2019

    @vinis I am being cheated by LWM as well . I went to LWM at Mahkota melaka branches last few day to redeem my FREE voucher but being keep forced to sign up the RM3900 package and ask to pay the deposit RM500 first. I told them i dont have money and only want to redeem the free trial. They told me to pay for the deposit first. They charged me RM500. After the free treatment they keep asking me to pay the balance too. I told them i don't have the money and ask them to cancel it and they said ask me to sign cause already paid deposit. I asked them if cancel how? they didn;t tell. The next day they said cannot and they asked me to change to another package just pay the balance of RM888, if not will get a lawyer letter. what the [censored] of people like this. Really scary people. However i burn the deposit, they still asked to change package. They had treated my life suck and they had break customer right under Consumer Protection Act 1999 . I just hope they can stop doing this cheating and forcing marketing.

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  • Ki
      18th of Jun, 2013

    i face same problem with vinis. I went to LWM at Ist Avenue to redeem my RM28 Groupon but end up sign up the RM8180 package. I have been force to sign up membership RM500 which they say can be refundable. Then after treatment, they draft my package - RM8180 with 20 sessions, i refuse to sign up but they say they want to see my card if there is any promotion. but surprisingly they swipe my card without my permission and force me to sign the receipt. i was refuse to do that but they won't allow me to leave the room until i do that as they say the manager will scold them if i do not do that. after being push around and i am rushing to go home, finally i sign up the package. after done some investigation, looks like they already cheated me. i called them on the same day asking for the cancellation of the package but the refuse to do that. the consultant is Cherry. I called bank, they say cannot as LWM already bill me. i called LWM everyday asking for the cancelllation but as usual they will say they can do that as the terms saying that i can't cancel the package. i went to see the manager - joselyn / jolene (not sure which one is correct). she say many bad things abt my body and made me feel unhappy & demoralized. i already lodge the report with Tribunal Pengguna and also Police report. I also called my 2 banks asking them to cancel or stop the pymt. i lodge the dispute card report with them and also already cancel my both cards as i worry they will misuse my CC. They make my life like a [email protected]#$%^&* .. i am waiting for my case to be call for the hearing session with TTPM. hopefully LWM will refund my money in FULL AMOUNT ... i really hate this LWM and will never go or believe any free trial or cheap promotion that being done by those slimming centres anymore ...

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  • Dy
      20th of Jun, 2013

    Hi Kitty Putri.
    I have same issue and been cheated as well. Have they pay you?

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  • Ki
      24th of Jun, 2013

    Hi Dyana Dyana, .. not yet ... still waiting the response from Tribunal Pengguna as they say they will call for hearing session . i hope it will be really soon ... my dispute claim from HSBC is not positive. they say that they can't do anything unless LWM is cancelling the installment. can you briefly tell us the story on how u get cheated by LWM & at which centre? we will really need to disseminate this kind of scam thru net as they are not sincere in doing their business ... not professional at all ...

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  • Ki
      1st of Aug, 2013

    Thanks to GOD that my hearing session went well. LWM was not showing up althought they file some sort of defend against my report. I am looking forward to have a heat conversation with them but luckily they are not shown up. So the president decide to give the AWARD to me. LWM will need to refund my RM8, 680 between 14 days from the date they received the award letter. Hope they will refund my money soon as possible or perhaps before raya. Will update again later.

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  • Ja
      15th of Aug, 2013

    I wish i saw this last month. I got cheated as well - RM500 for the stupid VIP membership.As per what they told me, it should be 1 hour consultation, 2 hours treatment. When i came, the consultation last for 2 hours!!! keep forcing people to sign up the package. I refuse to sign up package, they asked me to buy VIP membership. They said every year will entitle to get one free treatment on your birthday and so on. They refuse to start the treatment if i dont sign any of the package. End up i gave them my credit card and swipe for RM500 by installment plan. Then only proceed to treatment. After the sauna i feel very dizzy. Dont wish to continue the treatment anymore. i went to the counter and request to cancel the membership. The consultant said their company never refund to customer. what should i do now?

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  • Ki
      16th of Aug, 2013

    Janet000 what you can do is lodge the report to Tribunal Pengguna .. as you see there lots of reports against them now ... we will get this company DOWN!!! they are CHEATERS ...

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  • Ma
      17th of Aug, 2013

    kittyputeri I also cheated by the RM28 packaged yesterday. tapi macam mana ya.. sebab dia kan ada traced IC I ada sign borang dia. Macam mana I nak cancel. I sign unuk rm500 package which dia kata pakej paling murah. I takut ni . and isnin ni ada apointment

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  • 34
      23rd of Sep, 2013

    我要你们退还剩下两次treatment的钱,alor setar分行关了也没给顾客通知。之前打电话去时说一直以来跟我做treatment的那个人不是我的consultant,是另一个人,现在打去KL问了几次又说我的treatment pass去pinang了,还说会叫她们打给我,一脱就脱几星期。这样的服务太差了。我宁愿你们退还balance给我。而且请尽快。。。

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  • 78
      18th of May, 2014

    Absolutely agreed that London Weight Management is huge robber. They took the customer monies and throw the customer without their professional as consultants. Also, they told that their dietician will gave the advise for our diet and monitoring unfortunately not after signed up. Agreed that they'll took our credit card and hold until they get target. Furthermore, each time of the treatment do not get the results and every visited will get you to sign up another treatment. Each time need to sign up at least RM10K above. Now, I am asking for refunded but they refused and told will re calculate base on Alaka cost. It is unfair and end up have to paid them is unbelievable . Anybody have refund full amount before? Please share your experience. Please don't believe London weight management again.

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  • Av
      19th of May, 2014

    i should have read this earlier. I went to lvm got free trial but end up signing up for something i cannot afford. They said they will just check my credit card but they swiped it and forced me into signing it. After the so called free trial, they asked me to pay another 400 for membership. I feel robbed of my money and I am so worried now that I cannot pay my credit card. I don't know what to do and I feel horrible now.

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  • Ni
      23rd of May, 2014

    HI anyone please help me ..ho to lodge a complaint with tribunal pengguna??? Please do let me know

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  • Su
      30th of May, 2014

    hi everyone,
    I went to LWM in First Avenue on Sunday 18th May using the . I went there with my mom. There made a hadr selling push to me and made me signed up for the RM500 membership with free upgrading and free 5 sessions. I agreed to pay RM250 first and they swiped my card when i was in my changing room. then the supervisor came to me that she used another extra RM100 WITHOUT MY PERMISSION for my mom's upgrade treatment. I was quite mad but I hid it. Their service for the first time was good except that one of the machine didnt function well. I shouted for help as they didnt tell me that there is a bell in the room. One of the staffs said 'Aiyo Miss. Dont Shout...Malulah!...' I was like what?!!!
    oh just want to let you know that they deducted one treatment from the free 5 on that day!!! How cheeky!!!
    So I have another four left. I went there again on 21st May for the second one. I was not being treated well!!!
    They know that I dont have money as I told them I dont earn much and I will be a student.
    When i was using the same kind of machine for this time, the machine didnt function well. so i pressed the bell for 8times and waited for 10minutes. after 10mins, one staff appeared and asked why. she didnt even apologised!
    the machine supposed to be functioning on my body for a 30minutes session. they didnt even add on an additional 10minutes for their own faulty machine. Then when i wanted to leave, the supervisor came and tried to push me for another 10subscriptions for rm538. I told her i dont have money. she said give me whatever u have!!! she was very pushy and i had given her rm38. for me she is not a knowledgeable person in nutrition and i think this centre is not worth to even for a visit even if it is free.
    I myself will go to the nearest tribunal pengguna to make a report and also to the NCC.

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  • Al
      11th of Jul, 2014

    I also sign up a course lwm at aeon bukit tinggi yesterday.actually I just wanna have a try with the 8 tv rm28 promotion. But they are very hard sell and keep on pushing me to sign up program from rm8k then reduce to rm4 k then to 2k then finally i sign up the 1.2k one with 12 month Installment. they keep me untill 10.30pm only to push me to sign uP there. But I m very unhappy n regret and want to get back the money. Is it possible?

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  • Te
      8th of Sep, 2014

    Hi all.. I have been through the same experience of each one had. They offer free trial by phone. So I went, turn out they are very hard sell and keep on pushing me to sign up program from RM2, 8 k, then RM1k and finally RM500 for the VIP membership. After reading all the comments, I feel like I have been cheated as I try hard to tell them I think about it (in a polite manner, which I actually do not want to sign up) finally then told me to try for the free trial. So I went for it, during the trial they keep bothering me to sign up and I told them I dont have the budget, and yet they still keep pushing and pushing by paying half of RM500..So I did.. and then they swipe my card 3 times in order to get min rm500. In any way, I can get back my money as well?

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  • Hi
      7th of Feb, 2015

    Im just started, today is my first treatment.there are 1 treatment skip...I need to make full payment next week as I promise to them. After I read all the comments REALLY WORRIED!!!

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  • Di
      10th of Aug, 2015

    HI All,

    I worked in London weight before.
    Their working style is one of the reasons I resigned. I know we need to work for our money and bla bla bla...
    But they are just too over.
    I can even cried when I saw them pushing those really poor woman ( which comes with 5 kids). U can really know that they are poor.
    And the consultant will keep asking money from them!! RM 50 also want!!
    Another case is the husband got cancer and they need a lot of money. But the consultant also keep asking money from them.
    Now you can see how cruel are them.
    And they are few more.

    The consultants salary are based on their Sales. The higher the sales, the higher the commission.
    Now you know why they need sales!

    And I have been encounter with few refund case before.
    They are just lying when they say cannot refund.
    Just lodge a report and they will. They will do whatever to stop you to refund otherwise their commission will be deducted.

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  • Ev
      6th of Dec, 2015

    I just signed up the package but after reading your comment I'm concerned on whether I should continue or not since i paid rm100. I'll take it as a lesson to learn from it. What is your suggestion? I felt bad after signing up. Is there anything I can do to cancel it?

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  • Vb
      5th of Jan, 2017

    so i burnt my money this is outrageous this should be much easier for customers when they collect the money they are so sweet when its the other way around its just a mess... I think they should consider a alternative or just close down...

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  • Ho
      20th of Jul, 2018

    It's illegal for companies to say they have no refund/cancellation policy.

    Pls check Section 17 of the Consumers Protection Act under Future Services Contract. Consumers have a right to cancel and get refund of 95% of the unused package as per the Act.

    Just file with Consumer Tribunal Court and you will get back your money.

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