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London Weight Management


they cheated on my scale

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i went to London weight management in Shanghai, China(in 9 cloud mall).. the consultant there just forced me to sign up for expensive package and asked lots of financial questions like do u have your private car?credit card? i dont like it when they asked questions like that... i saw with my own eyes before i do their tratment (sauna and hot blanket) that my weight is 54.2, , on that time the consultant astand beside me and write something on the paper when she saw the scale... after finish the treatment, , i stand on the scale and i saw my weight become 54 ( so i lost 200 grams only in one treatment, , not worth it to pay their expensive treatment ) after i finished take shower and ready to go home, my consultant asked me to stand on the scale again and when she saw 54 she said :"ooo so great u lost 700 grams in 1 tratment " she wrote i was 54.7 before.. and i told her i lost 200 grams only cause i rember exactly i was 54.2 before the treatment, not 54.7 kg... but she said that she was right and i was wrong.. heard that i was really made because i REMEMBER EXACTLY my own weight before the treatment... i was so dissapointed about LWM, , i also heard a lot of complaints and bad judges according to internet and my friends' experience with LWM in Malaysia and Singapore... when u said no to them, , they still try and talk a lot and push u to join the package... i have a friend that already paid 5000 rmb but she told me no result.. and the consultant she is so stupid she told me doing exercise like running is useless, , u need to join our package that the only way to lose weight... i was laughing in my heart .. OMG !
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A  16th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Haha. i went to LWM for a trial and drag my friend along. TRIAL means no payment but during the "pushing sale" process, they required me to sign up before enjoying the trial as "there is added treatment to help in losing weight". i need to strip down to my undergarments for thorough inspection when the consultant makes "tsk tsk " awful comment that "so much fats". need to weigh before doing the "paid trial". after the warm blanket treatment, i was very dizzy and wanting to faint. i request for water but she says cant drink. WHICH make me believe the treatment is just to evaporate the water in our body--- to lower the weight temporary. i mean, if you are thirsty, after treatment also must drink right? thats when the weight return back. the treatment is just to eliminate out as much water content from your body so that you will lose weight. i got ten more sessions with them but i seriously dont feel well doing it. plus they force you to buy their product as well. LWM sucks.
A  9th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
True some how the consultant make you to buy more on their package or product but they should know the motif why we (customer) go there LWM coz we need to loose weight most of the treatment are so call drain out the water in the body but they need to do detox MORE and the right machine. But they did NOT do it coz they wanna generate more money to the customer at the end then they give you the right treatment and the right machine if we generate income for them more then 10K. Where is the customer wright? If you don't take the package they don't entertain you much.:(
N  25th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am also one of the unhappy customer of LWM. I should have read the review on them before signing up with them. Their advertisement really create a false impression for new customers.
To date, I have signed up more than 30k. But my results are not fantastic at all, a drop of 7kg from the previous 87kg. I really agree that their treatments are reducing on water weight and their packages are simply too expensive. I had regretted very much and felt naive for keep signing new machines. The consultants are constantly asking you to sign new packages and will say that they are required by your body.
I would urge all to think twice before signing up with them as it is a never ending kind of situation eg, squeezing your money.
N  28th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I bought a voucher from London weight management for 2 trial session and each session for 3 hour treatment.The sales consultant name Zoey from Jusco Metro prima, Kepong where she came and said she will get a customised treatment for me according to my needs. She measured my height and weight, then asked me to undress for body analysis but when I undress she immediately take my photograph.She made me feel very embarrassed by doing the measurements in a brightly lit room. I am so regretted to let her take my picture or she might show it to someone like she showed other peoples picture to me. After the body analysis the consultant went on talking about a Lipo Lavender treatment package.

She was very pushy and very rude. She pushed me to signed up for various types of packages cost 21k for 20 session.I spent 2 and a half hours listened to her.She continued to hurl insults at my size and weight.I declines her offer & she looks unhappy and says I'm used to be happy with my overweight size forever.I find this unacceptable and unprofessional. There should be a body or rules and regulations to regulate these slimming centers.I am totally disappointed and regret buying that coupon. I HATE LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT!
N  7th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Hi girls! my honest advise, never get involve/try/sign up with LWM. For god sake they are not sincere in giving us their best services.its so fake and they make us...silly ladies like us, sign up just becoz or they own/company interest & commision.Pls dont easily get cheated by them.Never bring ur credit cards/atm/cash with u.n walk off if they are not listening to u.dont give a f to wateva they wana say or think or else ur $$ will fly just like those who regretted their whole life.shared due to experienced.Its too long to share.but tho best effective way to slim down is to cut on rice, junk, go for excersice(thou LWM will say even u excersice for 1 yr u will never lose any weight, pls be confident with urslf n dont listen to their cheap sales tactics.if theres a will theres always a way.Hope they will go ... one day
after getting all those cursing n swearing frm thousands of people world wide, sooner or later.all e best ladies.last but not least.e main beauty is e heart n soul but not e body!!be confident of urslf and stay free frm debts..all e best.

we can do or sacrify of doing it like what elder people sayATs, IF THERES A W
A  17th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi, Full of dissapointment on LWM!!! Bloody cheater's.. three weeks back i have bought jusco voucher at Carefour kepong counter for RM 10.00 for full massage free gift and mistery gift and then my mum bought one for her to try last sunday on 16.12.2012 i and my went there .. fist as all said they consult me in a room and snap picture undress.. my weight jz 50 KG ... and they push me and my mum to the max .. they ask me to sign up .. and they not even listen .. i told them i have to discuss and need time for think they dun give a damn and then they said okay jz register 100rgt for ampule for me and my mum said she dun have money and then they ask her to pay RM 50.00 cash for ampule also ? which price is true my mum RM 50.00 and mine RM 100 they took my CC to swipe it after that they again push me to the max to register for RM 500.00 i duno how i fell mayb i cant tolerate then the swipe RM 500.. now my fiancee pist off with me .. for LWM THIS IS NOT RIGHT WAT FOR YOUR GUYS TO MAKE MONEY!!! TRY TO UNDERSTAND CUSTOMERS FEELING AND THEIR PROBLEMS AS WELL MONEY SUCKERZZZZ LWM
A  7th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
So true...i agree with all this post & complaint...i just went to LWM for last week and they keep forcing me like hell...can u imagine they ask me to sign up for RM14k of 20 times treatment...when i said, i don't have money and i want to go home...they don't trust me and some more ask my payslip to check my salary...crazy...and ask me to take personal loan to pay...what the hell...then i force myself to cry in front of them to let me go because i don't have money...suddenly they changed their mind and suddenly they told me that they have new package that only cost RM1k++, same treatment just different package...lookslike they try to take my RM14k money 1st then try to reduce the cost until i agree...meaning the treatment cost only 1k not 14k...pls...don't ever try to go to LWM...they just want your money...*&^&^$^%$%%
A  16th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
Hi all,
I just text Jolyn to make it easy for her n me n asked my unused package to be fully refunded. Hope it went well or else I will hv to go through tribunal like some of them.

PS: My package add up little by little nearly RM70K...!!!

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