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Logo Design Pros / Worst service company

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Our church ordered a small graphic logo order. The image was nothing like what we requested. We asked for their money back guarantee and 7 emails and 5 phone calls later (and lots of assurances that we would be refunded) it still has not happened.

We are going to get our legal representative involved.

I have never in my life had such a horrible experience as dealing with this company.

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  • Dn
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    Yea, I second this notion. Do not use their services. They will rip you off. They will not refund the $300 dollars I asked to have refunded despite their claim of 100% money back guarantee. They speak with accents and all have American names such as Chris, Simon, and Joseph. Every time I ask to speak to a supervisor, he is conveniently away. Stay away from this company. They are spineless crooks.

    alex bennett

  • La
      17th of May, 2010
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    This operation is obviously not running in the Unites States. I really don't have a problem with doing business globally, but not when the people I'm dealing with are crooks and liars. They can't even go by their real names. If you're doing business from India, call a spade, a spade. With names like Kenneth Falco and Scott couldn't me more transparent in your questionable desire to hide who you really are.

    From the first deadline up until the current, they have promised WAY more than they have been able to deliver. The gentleman "Scott" who took my order said that I would get my first logo concepts within 24 hours (even though the website said it would be 24). Well two days later, I had to call to ask where my concepts were. This occurred for EVERY single deadline they promised to hit.

    It got to the point where they were telling me stories about how they had posted my revisions on my account (when they weren't there), not receiving emails I sent even though they hadn't bounced back. When "Chris O'Connell" personally committed to having my letterhead revisions to me by the next morning, three days later I called to ask where they were. He said he never received the email. I asked him why, after he'd personally committed to getting me the revisions he hadn't called to inquire where my email was, he had no reply.

    The entire time that I was angrily venting, he was laughing acting as though this was trivial and funny. As of today, he has promised to get my revisions to me tomorrow morning. I bet my next paycheck I won't see them until Wednesday...which is when I actually needed to have the business cards printed and in my hand.

    Word to the wise, use a U.S. based company where people actually have some business ethics.

  • Ch
      25th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Logo Design Pros has the worst customer service i have ever experienced. They claim they know how to develop websites and they uplaod the home page and ask you to accept from there. This company has no earthly idea how to develop websites. Dont use them for that or you will find yourself so frustrated. STAY AWAY FROM THEM OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF SCREAMING TO THE HIGH HILLS.

  • Hf
      26th of Jun, 2010
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    I used Logo Design Pros and my situation is just like everyone elses. My designs came back nothing like I asked for. I rejected them and got a new set of concepts about a MONTH later. All of them looked like clip art. I have requested a refund twice and have yet to receive it. I am very very frustrated with this company. I wish there was some way to do a class action suit against these crooks. If anyone has successful gotten a refund could you please email me at with some advice.

  • Hf
      12th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    As of today I have requested a refund 5 times and the last 3 times was told I would receive it in 72 hours. I have yet to receive it!! I am so frustrated with this company I don't know what to do with myself. I am going to make another attempt this morning to talk to these lowlife crooks and try to remedy this situation. Does anyone have an address on these criminals so that I may try to pursue other avenues WHEN this attempt also fails. If so, please email me at

  • Mj
      27th of May, 2012
    0 Votes - is a total fraud company ran by some unprofessional people who claim to run their business in america but obviously they are not. On the home page they have MONEY BACK guarantee but i was never paid back. I ordered $799 package but i was fraud-ed. they let me wait forever, promised call backs and never call me back. When u search on their website is seach result number 1 in non-generic adds. their website gives an impression of being a very professional company, and they have a 24 hour chat support to put you into impression that they really deserve what you gonna pay. but they did a very bad performance for me. they lied to me several times. and made design blunders and wasted my time. They have American names, but their accent is asian. They are rude, and once you pay, they do not give you any attention, i have all chat scripts recorded for reference. they lie about everything. I am putting this as a warning for anyone who is desiring to do business with them. if you want to know complains about them just go to google and search for " complains"

  • Th
      27th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I had similar bad experience and I am from Asia country.

    Below are the promised that never exist:
    1) 24/7 customer services, after I paid USD 1, 800 I noticed whenever I tried to get chat online at my day time, always difficult. They promised 2 logo and 2 website with e-Commerce but when you explain to another person, that person said I did not tell the truth. At the end, I have to end up with many follow up call to get the right people discuss with me about my project. They LIED on me several times and the last time was too bad till I can't take it anymore and request for refund.

    2) They promised 100% satisfaction for many revision -
    When you request for revise, they give you all sorts of design that never meet your request and the funny was one of the design
    they show me lion cartoon icon. Then they said I keep on changing my revision, I said of cause I request to change because the
    design is not professional at all and not even meet the standard. That made me upset.

    Along the way, I shared with them the web that I want, they said will discuss with the team again and will try to find solution and
    many weeks at the end they said cannot but they never reject me when I asked at the first order. I asked them a few question how
    possible to add this and add that, they didn't reply me then at the end all my questions I asked, they said I keep on changing my
    ideas. I said because no one reply me and I don't know how possible all the things can be done because lack of answer.

    3) Those who still think our feedback is not real, if you choose to engage with them, my advice is you really need to record down all the phone promised and chat room communication sent back to your own email for keep track. They may not be like this for all project I guess because they said they have more than thousand of projects and I am one of the unlucky victims.

    I only managed to get refund of USD 900 but they charge me USD 900 that I think I feel bad because of the quality of services is really so bad and waste all my time! Until now someone promised I should have receive the return call but I didn't...

    If you are from Asia, reconsider your option because you may end up have to call them many time to chase and ask about your products. Upset customer.

    If you are from US, can you advice is there any associate that help oversea customers to deal with such case? Hope you can share here so can benefit to the people who get problem with their services. Thank You

  • Lk
      30th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    LOGO DESIGN PROS is now also operating as LOGO



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