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I booked a car through Locauto in September 2014 in Rome. I was apprehensive as I had read 2 reviews that suggested the hirers were duped when the car was returned and forced to pay for repairs for damage that was there to start with. I was in a rush and thought I would continue as I am experienced and have perhaps hired a dozen cars in Italy over the years and many more in Australia. On pick up we were in the office and asked to sign the car condition report sheet that showed the existing damage and provide our credit card per approval for accidental damage should any happen. I declined the additional insurance cover as my business insurance extends to hire car insurance cover. I was offered a "special of the month" pay 75€ and return the car empty. I declined as I always prefer to have plenty of fuel in the tank just in case and fill it up 5 minutes from Locauto depot at Fiumacino. Anyways we sign the form and went looking for the car. We finally find it and I take it out of its car space so I could inspect it. I noticed that the right side mirror had a blemish on it made by a slight contact with a black car. And the left side sill panel was damaged quite badly. (In a previous life I was a collision repairer so I know where to look). These items were not listed on the condition report sheet. So I went back to the office and low and behold everyone was gone. I went looking around and it was getting too late. So I suspected that the right side mirror was so minor it didn't warrant being on the report and the left side sill panel damage was difficult to detect and none of the staff saw it on the previous inspection. So 28 days later I wash the car and vacuum the interior and give it a general tidy up quite proud of myself having driven 6000kms in Italy and have nothing I repeat nothing happen to us or the car. I return the car to Locauto and the staff in the office grabbed her iPad and proceeded to inspect the car. Would have been good if they did this when I picked it up. She opened the rear door and noticed the seat had a blemish like when we put a damp beach towel on the seat. It was there and it was minor. I was surprised when I was told that I would have to pay to have the rear centre seat cushioned professionally cleaned. I asked ok so how much does this cost? 120€. I was flabbergasted. She continued her inspection and prey tell she noticed the right side mirror. She said the mirror is damaged and I said first of all its minor and can be polished off as its black paint and secondly it was there when we picked it up, but she said the right side mirror cowling has a crack in the indicator lens. I was curious I said how much? Amazingly her iPad was pressed a couple of times and she said 260€. I said to her that Locauto must think that they're customers are stupid and that this was a trick that lenders use to extrapolate a larger yield. I told her good luck getting my money. She asked me to sign the iPad I told her to sign it herself. I offered her 20€ to clean the interior and if she didn't accept then that was Locauto's bad luck and walked off. On return to Australia I contacted my credit card company and blocked Locauto form accessing funds and warned them of potential fraud from this merchant. I called my credit card company 2 or so days later to check if I made it in time and I was told that Locauto had tried to charge my card 380€ on 6 occasions over the last couple of days. These guys are crooks. I would not be surprised if they are owned by the Russian mafia. I have never ever felt more deceived in my life. Funny thing is the left sill panel which had approximately 1500€ worth of damage remained unnoticed. I feel for the next hirer of this car. A silver Citroen C4 Picasso.

Oct 23, 2014
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  • Sa
      Sep 01, 2018
    LocautoRent - Unauthorized credit card charge / Rip off
    Milan, Italy
    United States

    This 48.80 Euro administration charge is outrageous and excessive.
    I haven t even seen or verify the merit of any traffic violation.
    The way you nickel and dime customers is a business turn off.

    This will be the last time you will see any business from me or my associates.

    A formal complain will be filed with National Rent a car in the USA.

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  • As
      Sep 01, 2018
    LocautoRent - Apparent car damage

    Rental Catania 19/11/17
    Return Palermo 20/11/17

    Palermo have interpreted some damage which is clearly marked on the rental
    at Catania - of course they cant or wont call Catania. The card payment will be blocked, Locautorent will be reported for scamming and fraud to bank, ebookers, and reported to UK press for scamming.

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  • Ni
      Sep 18, 2018
    Locauto Rent - charging credit card illegally post hire
    United Kingdom

    £45.12 and £45.03 in july
    £46.13 in august

    Hired car via rental had voucher paid in advance in full.
    Car returned full of fuel and undamaged as checked by local staff.

    These are illegal charges please credit:

    Looking for immediate refund

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  • Ma
      Oct 27, 2018
    LocautoRent - Car rental fine admin fees

    For a supposedly traffic fine, the company charge 50€ for administrative fee. I hardly doubt it costs them 50€ to handle the fine which consists of giving my personal information to the authorities. No wonder the public has such a bad opinions of car rental companies with this type of business practices.

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