Lobosapartment management and no security no cameras doors being propped open and lying management!

we rented a lobos apartment in April 2017 at the Birmingham apartments in north Versailles! My husband made an appointment to look at the apartment and did meet the management at the Birmingham, she took my husband through the front door so you can see the intercom service and the locked outside entryway, he went and walked through the apartment seemed to like it bc the security seemed good as I his wife am a part of a confidentiality for victims of a violent crime have a card, prior to signing the lease my husband told the management aka liar that he was a member of the VLU which is a veterans program where they pay a year of your rent, the management liar said that's good we've worked with them before and are happy they are doing something for veterans my husband had this call on speaker so myself and another person herd the conversation! we rode with my husband to the rental office where he took the papers and the VA card in so they could send the paper work in ! so he signed the lease and the morning we got the keys we met the liar management outside our apartment my husband opened the door and said to the management liar could we get a new lock it looks like someone broke in management said yes I will get maintenance on that right away, the apartment didn't have a bathroom door bc it was special ordered! well we moved in there was no hot water and we didn't have any hot water for 3 days ! still no bathroom door and the exhaust fan in the bathroom ran 24/7 so I called to ask about the door and the exhaust fan the management said your not on the lease don't call again and hung up !! we started to notice the glass outside entrance way door that was to be locked was being propped open with a heavy bag of salt for melting ice and snow ! This was happening everyday all day and night ! then we noticed the intercom service doesn't work so my husband called the management and told them they said the wiring is from 1958 and doesn't work my husband was pissed no security what so ever, meanwhile the VA program calls and said they received no paper work from lobos and the VA kept calling they didn't answer, so my husband called the office and some angry women answered and said we don't accept the VA program and we got no paper work on it total lie, so my husband was pissed bc he would never have signed lease ! doors are still being propped open people in groups coming in and out drugs being dropped off bc we live on the first floor right next to entry way and can see outside from window from apartment, when I would take my little chihuahua out to pee people would come in and walk past me making sure they would hit there shoulder into mine, I started getting scared and my husband would come home from work we complained nothing they didn't care, still no bathroom door we couldn't have company, may 2cand I took my dog out to pee earlier than usual bc she is 10 and can't hold her pee we went outside the glass door propped open the dog sniffed and what have you, we came inside and went down steps I had the key unlocked the door someone grabbed me from behind I dropped the dog it ran and I was walked into my apartment and was attacked my husband called I told him crying and shaking he came home he called the office and said he wants out it's not safe my wife was attacked they said to bad your on the lease she's not she can move I got pissed angry hurt humiliated violated I emailed them and the owner mr Rueben off called my husband we were in car he answered it on blue tooth he was screaming at me and my husband I screamed back bc I was so angry and hurt he told my husband tell your women to shut up he then threatened us with the DA and the judge he then hung up and called back and said he shouldn't have said that about your wife I told him I called the women's center bc I felt dirty and ashamed and scared bc the person who attacked me is either living in the building or comes to visit me Ruebenoff said he will give my husband money and he said he wants us off the property and said he will give us 4days our rent is paid up feeling sick hurt humiliated I was scared the next day after the attack we strangely got a bathroom door a cheap ### 10 dollar door the worst thing mr reubenoff could have done was threatening us also me reubenoff said he would report my husband to the V A the office said they sent a 1099 into the veterans for the housing first of all that's a tax form and the VA just called us and said they never herd from lobos and said get out of there there unsafe and the reviews are really bad

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    Lobos reality is like a nightmare from hell ! lying owner mr rubenoff and his attorney Christina, which she needs to go back to law school, she needs to read about the section where landlords can and will be responsible for people getting attacked on the property, landlords are supposed to have a certain amount of security, I was attacked and all mr rubenoff said get out of the property you have 4days to leave, and shut your women up an all out threat, with his stupid [censor] of an attorney Christina, you wouldn't want to hire her she dumb as [censor], and lies right in your face, she lied about the man at the veterans program, stole money from my husband went in our apartment without giving a notice my 11 year old came to stay for the weekend memorial weekend there was fights in the hallway all night, my grandson was scared to death so was I because our door lock was not good enough to feel safe great big hole where the lock is supposed to go, I asked Christina the attorney for mr lobos for the code that said the door was safe, but we already hired someone to look at it and have the report, they are lying thieves and me lobos makes his money on stealing from innocent people ! I will never stop posting about them until they make the situation right by returning my husbands money, my husband lost his job of 15 years because of mr rubenoff bc he wouldn't put a safe lock on the apartment door, and the law in Pennsylvania Christina and mr rubenoff you are allowed to ask for a new lock, and we shouldn't have paid rent bc we had no bathroom door ! Please avoid lobos reality [censor]s ! Mr rubenoff is a scam and doesn't care about anything other than lining his fat pockets, charging my husband 600 dollars for carpet, when they can't put a door on the bathroom fix black mold or door jam on our apartment door, stay away from the Birmingham it's full of black mold, we also have statements from people saying lobos reality didn't have a key to the entry way door for 5years, so propping the entryway door open is how I got attacked! Avoid lobos check all complaint bc the [censor]ing [censor] slum lord needs stopped so please avoid you will regret it .all there Apartment's are not up to code,

May 10, 2017

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