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I want to warn everyone about 800 loan mart its so sad how they burn people I got a 2500 dollar loan and today I call for my balance and its 2900 and ive been payin for two and a half years ive paid them 9000 dollars alrerady..
. Plz is there anyone out there who can help me to sue these people for fraud or anyone who can help me... These people are mafia related and very mean and will hunt you down if you dont pay them my best friend got terminated and they stalked her so bad she ended up in a hospital... Dont let them fool you... These are very bad people and scam artists...

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  • Je
      12th of Mar, 2011

    i got a loan 3 yrs ago. however loan mart messed up on some paper work and didnt tell me. i found out from the 1st loan i had on the car. loan mart was to pay aprox . 300. and obtain the title . now the 1 st loan put negative points against me. so i paid the $300 and got the tiltle two days later they came to my house threating if i didnt sighn i would get a broken arm. they told me i will lose my car $27, 000 for a $4000 loan and if my daughter was in the car she would be a consilation prize. the harrasment began from day one and hasnt stopped i sold the car they are even geting harrased and threatend...if i make one late payment it would mean all this plus being threatened but when they make a mistake i should forgive it and open the doors to these blood sucking vampires to say and do as they please ...oh ya its civil [censor] loan mart has threatened to kidnap my daughter tear or doors off break my arms called everyone i know and slander me on and on...hell this [censor] has to stop .. so i have filed for a restraining order and now i plan on turning them into the district attorney. the cops all told me this is civil [censor] and [censor] the cops...

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  • Bu
      22nd of Mar, 2015

    LoanMart is crooked as all hell..You get a small loan...and two years later you still owe thousands..they have different people call family and friends all day long. They are harrassing a disabled person to the point of hospitalization, over money. They stole the car at one point, paid almost a grand to retireive the car, but everyone involved wanted CASH..Even the crooked PD in Riverside County, Jurapa PD ONLY they said to pay. with not ONE unifomred officer onsite., wanted CASH. The tow truck dirver, had the car hidden at his home, the car has not been the same since, They used the car for other purposes, it was empty (fuel tank) it was full when it was taken, the REPO guy knew how the car drove and distinctly said word for word certain characteristics of the vehicle, I asked him, did he drive it..he smiled and said yes..WHY?? the seat was pulled all the way forward for a short person, and the music station was on a station we never listen to.. They REPO your car, then when you pay the fees, the guy won't pick up the phone, after many calls, you can't go to the tow yard, because its the mans house!! They want to meet you elsewhere with the vehicle, but after many calls, and much money took several hours to get this car back, where were they all afternoon, driving the tank empty, running it over curbs, ..the front end is now out of alignment, the fuel tank was empty, come On? How much dirtier does this entire situation get? The REPO guy said he also works in the office of these crooks too..its all connected somehow..DO NOT GET INVOLVED with these jokers, THEY ARE pay your monthly payment, and another letter comes and says, you owe 3 times addl..they screw the paperwork up so bad, that one doesn't end up knowing what they really owe..they send emails..asking to surrender your vehicle..they say they auction it and then you still OWE the difference of what they say they didn't would anyone know what they really received from a fake auction..their auction, I bet!! Help, these people need to be run out of business..

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  • De
      31st of Mar, 2016

    I was ALMOST hit in my car today by one of your drivers. He was buzzing through the parking lot at Speedway and Wilmont in Tucson, AZ. I was on the main drive-way and had the right-a-way. He came out of the parking lot and pulled right in front of me. He then made a quick left in front of the car coming at him. I was SSssoooo close that you couldn't have put a car between us. I couldn't get his plate number because was gone so quickly. But I can tell you we were on the North east corner of Speedway & Wimont and it was a big truck. Because of this I will make sure to share with friends and family how the event left me truly shaken with my foot bobbing up & down on the gas pedal.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Nov, 2017 formerly 800LoanMart should be LoanScam. When I applied 5 years ago for a loan they made it sound so easy to get. My loan was initially for $8K, I was not made aware of that the interest compounded daily. 5 years later I have a payoff or over $9K. I have had to sell my car and purchase one from a reputable dealership (at a lower payment) who graciously paid off the loan. My car came in slightly $1K under blue book. Now they say they have not received the funds for the payoff and have taken funds out of my checking account to cover the monthly payment. I am risking financial ruin. The dealership has proven that the funds were sent & received, but LoanMart can not prove that the funds have been received at all. They have documentation that a payoff amount was requested. Now I am under the gun because the payoff date could expire before it is posted which means I risk the possibility of still owing them. Now if I should have an overpayment it will take 10 to 15 business days to return it to me. I am on a daily phone call to them to check on the status of that payment, but it will not help if I have to encumber anymore service charges from my bank for NSF or have to pay on a car I don't even own anymore. I just want this all end.

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