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I buy from Groupon and other deal sites frequently. When I've experienced a problem with a purchase from Groupon, I've never had a problem. I get customer service quickly, they're pleasant, they always refund the cost back to my credit card, even if it's past the refund expiration date. As a result, I keep buying from them.

With Living Social, twice I've encountered problems with a deal and it takes forever to get someone on the phone -- and then the rep is puzzlingly obstructive. Even when, as today, the vendor tried to charge me a higher rate when he found out I was a LS customer. He upped the price of an item by $200 to eradicate what should have been my savings. I thought LS would be outraged by this behavior but instead their rep tried to justify the vendor's behavior. On top of that, I was on hold for 30 minutes and was disconnected 3 times before I finally got the issue handled. A total of 90 minutes on hold. The supervisor was equally obstinate and unhelpful.

There are so many other deal sites that actually offer customer service. Why would anyone deal with Living Social? With plans to go public soon, you'd think this company would be trying a little harder to please their customers. Or -- trying AT ALL would be nice.


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